Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses review
I'd sell my doghouse for one of these!!! XD

The good:

3D animation. The animation of the 3D look of the monsters. Some people reckogn it's not all-that, but think: This game features 853 of which there are 681 monsters. Each one requires it's own attack, sound, card, death scene and cheer scene. So this must've required a lotof patience.

Creativity. The changed effects and the usage of cards is very creative. They took out most of the original effects from the TCG and replaced them with effects which will suit the game and it's system.

The bad:

The new battle system. Unlike the card game, the new system has a 7 by 7 grid on which you have to move around and do all sorts of things. Hard to get used to.

False hopes. There is use of fusion and ritual cards in this game. Most people have a problem: Why can't you get that or this as a normal card?...

It's a ritual or a fusion. I have encountered that question many a time, and it gets annoying how some people can't understand that. Also, there are 5 cards in the entire game which no-one has attained without a cheating device, which may wreck your whole game or system and certain people are still searching for them.


Yes, the card effects are different, and yes, some cards don't have effects when they should and vice-versa. The reason for such changes was because of the new battle system. This system adopts a grid consisting of 49 squares. On that grid there is terrain, which may give a certain monster type an advantage and weaken the other. Some terrain types feature "Labyrinth", through which you won't be able to move, "Crush" which will destroy any monster with more than 1500 ATK if it steps on it. Some monsters are rumored to be able to by-pass this ailment and turn crush zones into power increase. And "Toon" terrain weakens all except toon monsters. Again, toons get increased by "Toon" terrain.

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