Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monster Coliseum review
Yugioh Capsule Monster Coliseum

The good:

The graphics,gameplay and,sound is much better in this game than any other yugioh game ever made in my opinion.The voice overs sound like the characters from the show.

The bad:

The only character that sounds a little different than from the show is Rex Raptor. 200 monsters is a lot of monsters but I think they could have added more.


This is the most fun yugioh game I have ever played. The maps and monsters are very well done. Even when the monsters aren't doing there cinamatic attacks. They are statues on the playing field that you move around on the maps. Some people have standards that are to high and are expecting to much from a Konami published and developed game. This game you have to level up your monsters. If you have certain monsters at a certain level and/or they are on a certain part of a map than you can evolve them. If you certain monsters at a certain level and next to one another on the map you can fuse them. I think most people who like this game like both chess and yugioh because its like a combo of the two. Overall this is a fun game that I beileve chess nd yugioh lovers will play for a long time.

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