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Write your own history book, but in a way that's probably 90% more fun


Ah, I never would have believed it if I haven't seen it with my own eyes. If I haven't experienced it myself. But here I am. Finally, after many years of simply hearing about it, I have finally played Xenoblade Chronicles. And finished it. I have heard many good things about it so I came in and I was indeed coming in with a healthy amount of skepticism when I started playing. Because I felt like maybe people have been exaggerating on how great this game is. After playing through it, what do I think of it? Well, let the review begin. This is going to be long.

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Before t...


Forge your own destiny

The good:

Amazing story.

Amazing scenarios and views.

Diversity of characters.

Diversity of Quests

The bad:

Too many sidequests and the lack of NPC teleporting power hurts it badly.

Poor method of handling the sidequest by the game turn them from intresting to tedious.


People by now have taken notice I have reviewed The Last Story and Pandora's Tower but I had not touched the review section of Xenoblade. That is because I find it difficult to review such a game. Not because it is bad or good, but for how deep these three games are.

To start the review properly you start controlling Shulk, a variation of main characters and one that is quite rare. While Fei of Xenogears is a close quarters martial artist and Shirou of Fate/Stay Night is a black smith who is ranged, both are mostly offensive main characters. However, as soon as you get to control Shulk you n...


Goes beyond a Textbook JRPG


It goes without saying that if a game manages to steal one hundred and twenty hours of your life, then the developers must have done something right. Xenoblade Chronicles is one such game that blew all of my expectations out the window and showed me that there’s still hope for the JRPG genre in a world that is falling victim to Western RPG and Call of Duty addiction. Tetsuya Takahashi is the genius behind this masterpiece. He’s kind of like the Bill Gates of the RPG industry; everything he touches just turns to gold. Xenogears and Xenosaga (director), Final Fantasy IV to VII and Chrono Trig...

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