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Wall jump
In the wei story satge 6. There is a way to get on top of the wall, without going the way around. This will allow you to clear this area and keep the main camp safe. Also, the warrior who is defending at the wall (Xiahou Dun if not used), will stay healthy.

Some characters have a very neat double-jump effect.
Just jump and then press triangle with these characters and you'll be on the top.

The characters who can do this is:
Lu Bu
Cao Cao (may take some tries)
Huang Zhong
Xiahou Yuan

Cao Ren (may take some tries)
Lu Meng

Lu Bu, Lu Meng and Huang Zhong is the best for this jump.

4th Weapons
Get weapons on stages with three or more stars on Hard, or any stage on Chaos.
Defeating Orochi on chaos. (SHU characters)
On chaos you should pick your team carefully after their and your abilities. A good team is vital.
Each character has an advantage as well as a disadvantage, when facing Orochi.

Some characters (actually all) is capable of soloing Orochi on chaos.

S = Square
T = Triangle
R1 ( R1 ) = Special

SSsT is Square, square, square, triangle, for example

I'll try to list the characters their abilities against Orochi... If you wonder wether the ones you'd like is good or not. Look bellow.


Guan Ping:

Guan Ping is a big booster in this game, as his attacks gives a big advantage. Guan Pings SSST(TT) will allow you to zoom around Orochi dealing heavy damage, and with the right elements this attack is one of the best in the game.

Guan Ping is strong and Agile, and can start a combo at Orochi from a distance. And at the same time get away before Orochi strikes back.

Even though Guan Ping can do heavy damage on Orochi with his SSST, his other attacks don't have any specific effect on Orochi. Guan Ping has a hard time knocking Orochi over and will struggle if he gets caught in one of Orochis attacks. His R1 special isn't that great either.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is very different from Guan Yu in this game. Even though both have some very strong spin around attacks, Guan Yus strengths and weaknesses is the exact opposite of Orochis. Guan Yu has a space between his attacks wich can be an issue. stay alert when using him.

Guan Yus first charge, jump charge and R1 special is incredibly strong against Orochi. As well as his R1 special gives a good boost and removes the spacing between his attacks. Guan Yu is strong and has a high defence, wich allows him to knock over Orochi quite easely, even though Orochi strikes him first.

Guan Yu is very slow, wich causes troubles when you're trying to get away from Orochi. Guan Yus attacks aren't that great either as they leave many spaces and abuses much time. Guan Yu has to stick with the simple attacks as Orochi has a good chance to slip through the others.

Huang Zhong:
Arrows aren't elemental in this game, wich weakens Huang Zhongs moveset. Even so, Huang Zhong can still attack from a distance without gettting close, slowly draining Orochis life away.

Huang Zhong has a moveset wich is easy and quite good to use. He has almost no gaps in his square attacks and his charges goes quite quickly. Especially when used together with his technique ability. Huang Zhong can easely escape Orochis attacks by using his Jump charge, followed by a good set of arrows in orochis back.

Huang Zhong lacks strenght, and if he gets caught in Orochis attacks death will surely follow. Arrows are pretty much useless if you try to stop Orochi with them, as he simply just walk right through them. Watch your back for other soldiers when using Huang Zhong, as they are the biggest issue.

Jiang Wei

Jiang Wei is a quite good all-round in this game. His quick and agile and at the same time does very decent damage. His speed type makes it easy to slip away from Orochi and his charge attacks are good for stunning. Jiang Weis R1 specials are quite good when used in a complete combo.

Easely does damage to Orochi and his vacals (at the same time often). His moveset covers the complete area arround him, and few gaps are found in his attacks. By using Jiang Weis areal-flight ability, jump-charge, SSTTT and R1 specials Orochi will fall quite quickly. Good for juggling soldiers around him.

After a charge attack, Jiang Wei uses some time going back to his normal stance. This will give other soldiers a good chance to deal a vital strike. Jiang Wei is pretty much useless if you don't start your combo from a distance.

Liu Bei

Not a very strong or defensive character. Neither fast or agile. Liu Bei is pretty much useless if you can't use him properly. Liu Bei has a good boost, wich covers his issues. A regular character wich requires abit of training if you want to get straight at Orochi.

Liu Bei has a quite good first charge (T) attack wich allows him to first dodge then strike. Also his moveset is easy to get used to. Jump charge is quite effective. Can take down Orochi easely if the soldiers arround him is taken down first. Liu Bei has a good ability to dodge Orochis attacks, even though you're in a middle of a combo. The reason for this is that Orochis attacks hits arround Liu Bei, while Liu Bei strikes in the middle. One of the weaknesses with Orochi you should notice.

Without a specific technique, Liu Bei is useless. He easely gets disorted and miss on his attacks, and if he gets caught in a combo it's very hard to get out. Liu Bei is a character that has to fight close up, but on Orochi thats a big no-no.

Ma Chao:

Ma chao has very balanced weaknesses and strengths, for every weakness theres a good side.

Jump-charge does heavy damage and is easy to get away from combat with. Ma chao can strike Orochi away, giving him some space to take down the peasents. Ma Chao is best if used only with his first attacks, and no combo further than three squares (note!) as his SSSST and SSSSST is useless. Ma Chao have a good crowd controll.
Ma Chaos R1 is good to use if Orochi comes charging back for you.
Can solo Orochi on a horse XD

Gets easely juggled if he jumps and is hard to get away from combats with if he runs. Ma Chao has a moveset wich covers his back, but his charge attacks leave him open. It's easy to get knocked out of a combo and the R1 special.

Pang Tong
Pang Tong is slightly different from all other characters. Because of his moveset, Pang Tong can do heavy damage, but puts himself in danger for taking heavy damage self.

Can controll crowds and Orochi from a distance with his R1 specials. Pang Tongs aerial flight and jump-charge is the ultimate flight ability. Pang Tongs ST, SST and SSST does quite some damage, as well as it has a good range. Pang tong can stun Orochi if he gets to close quite easy. Best used form a distance.

Even though Pang Tongs charges are unique and incredibly effective, his regular square attacks leave him open for all around him. Arrows and weak attacks is capable of getting Pang Tong out of his "flow". His R1 special leaves him very open, and if you miss on your target, an unwanted sword can cut you over.

Wei Yan
One of the ultimate Orochi slayers. His attacks can take down Orochi and a crowd at the same time. You don't have to start from a distance to be safe, and is one of the few characters in the game who can fight Orochi close-up without taking damage.

Wei Yan is strong, fast, defensive and qute agile. His moveset allows him to do multiple vital thrusts and clear a corwd almost instantly. All of Wei Yans charge attacks is super effective, and his regular square attacks have few gaps. He can clear of the area around him quite quick, and keep Orochi buissy trying to hurt him.

Can be a struggle to get close to Orochi at first, as Wei Yans attacks is quite hard to start with from a distance. The easiest way is to use someone as a bate. Wei Yan can take quite some serious damage when he first gets a hit.

Xing Cai
Can take down the crowd arround Orochi quite fast, but has some issues when fighting Orochi himself. can take a couple of poundings and do some serious damage herself.

All of Xing Cais attacks is super effective, and she can fight quite good from a distance. Her R1 specials is a good counter if Orochi gets to close.

Gets easily distracted and can miss a couple of hits, most attacks leave her open. She has a left side error. Wich makes it quite hard to take down enemies coming from the left side.

Yue Ying
The "blender" as we like to call her. She has the same type of attacks as Wei Yan, Guan Yu and guan Ping some of the best characters to solo Orochi with. She has a good speed and her fast attacks makes up for her low strength.

the "blender", the reson she's called that is because of her technique style and spin attacks.
Try using SSSSST or SSSSS(R1) and you'll see what I meen. Can get out of a combo by simply pressing R1 and can escape quite fast. The ultimate juggler as she can rapidly juggle Orochi and troops at the same time. R1 and first charge (T) is quite effective on Orochi. The first Charge for distance and the R1 special to keep people occupied.

Gets easely hit out of combos and can take quite some damage. Her best attack take somw time to use leaving her open. You should always have an ally close to you when using Yue Ying as she needs a dstraction in order to get away, be aware that the distraction is someone else then your commander.

Zhang Fei
Mighty reduced in this game. Few of his attacks is elemental and he is very stationed. But Zhang Feis strentgth and high defence makes him quite a challenge for Orochi. Zhang Fei is also one of the characters who can take down Orochi close-up.

Zhang Fei can take down Orochis troops with ease leaving him on a one on one combat with orochi. His jump charge is good for avoiding and counter Orochis wide attacks and he can stun Orochi fast. Zhang Feis strong right cross R1 special is incredibly effective on Orochi.

No good froma distance, lacks the ability to get away from Orochi. Can get hurt pretty badly. His attacks take some time to use and therefor it's quite a risk to go straight on Orochi.

Zhao Yun
One of this games strong all arounds. He is a very balanced characters and can take down Orochi fast. beware of the troops though, Zhao Yun is quite easy to hit out of rythm, but If you get some succsesfull hits, Zhao Yun can impress you.

All of Zhao Yuns attacks is quickly performed and leaves few spaces and gaps. This is a quite good thing about Zhao Yun. Decent range. Jump charge and R1 special(s) are super good against Orochi.

Is usually one of the characters that focuses on many at a time, but against Orochi this is not the case. Zhao Yun cannot take down the troops at the same time as he fights Orochi and can not keep them away either. Zhao Yun has a disability in keeping enemies away and therefor he gers easely surrounded agianst Orochi. Zhan Yuns first charge can be used to get away from these situations.

Zhuge Liang
As Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang doesn't have much of a fight in him. His attacks leave him open and does low damage. His not very fast either and has some issues in getting away from Orochi. You'll need abit of tactics to deefeat Orochi.

The key with this character is Precision and Tactic. If you can take down Orochi in waves, he will fall quite easy. A way to do this is to use Zhuge Liangs SSST to clear the area arround him and then use his SST to trap Orochi. With Orochi stunned, use Zhuge Liangs R1 special to hit him down. Now, turn your focus to the troops and use Zhuge Liangs SSST once again. This time with the R1 button if the enemies are quite close. Again trap Orochi and use your R1 sspecial. Continue like this and Orochi should be down in 5 waves or so.

Watch your musou meter, Zhuge Liang is useless with out it. Zhuge Liang dies quite easy if you do something wrong. Is easely surrounded as he lacks the ability to crowd controll or clear. Archers may kill his waves, and open up for deadly attacks from troops or Orochi

Hope this helpep
Defeating Orochi on chaos. (Wei characters)
On chaos you should pick your team carefully after their and your abilities. A good team is vital.
Each character has an advantage as well as a disadvantage, when facing Orochi.

Some characters (actually all) is capable of soloing Orochi on chaos.

S = Square
T = Triangle
R1 ( R1 ) = Special

SSsT is Square, square, square, triangle, for example

I'll try to list the characters their abilities against Orochi... If you wonder weather the ones you'd like is good or not. Look bellow.



Cao Cao
Cao Cao is a medium strong character with decent move set, strength, defence and agility. Cao Cao can cover a complete area around him, and taking down Orochi isn't all that hard with him.

Cao Caos charge attacks are strong and fast, and he do quite quick slashes too. Cao Caos SSSST and SSSSST(TT) is some of the most effective attacks against Orochi. Cao Cao can easily slip away from Orochi, and by jump charging through the crowd, he can clear an area for fighting against Orochi.

Theres not really much to say about Cao Cao. He is a light hitter which means that a normal guard can hit him out of rhythm. Cao Cao should also watch not to get to close to Orochi, as he can easily get captured in a combo spree with loads of troops and Orochi. Other than that it isn't really much to say. Cao Cao is sometimes open at his back at some attacks, be cautious.


Cao Pi

Cao Pis strength isn't that all great, neither his agility. Cao Pi has an advantage of his range though which do make him vary useful. Cao Pi is one of the characters that moves longest during a full combo, this means that he can tear through a crowd of enemies and end up charging right at Orochi.

Cao Pis advantage is as mentioned above his range and movement. Cao Pi has his jump charge as a pretty decent attack too, it does heavy damage and captures Orochi completely. Cao Pi can do ranged attacks. Cao Pi can take good use of his technique style, as countering (R1 button after being attacked) can clear away some annoying enemies.

Cao Pi have problems covering his back, and does also have a slight spacing between his attacks. A long charge time makes it hard to do a complete combo so remember to have the counter ready. Do not try to do the longest attacks SSSST and SSSSS(R1) if you are close to Orochi, if you want to use them, start the combo from a distance.


Cao Ren
Cao Ren is a powerhouse, and with his strength and defence he make a deadly foo against Orochi. Cao Ren is small in size and most of his attacks breaks guards and charges through enemies. Remember to counter allot with Cao Ren, doing this will make it easier to stay in the battle. His musou bar shouldn't be used for anything else than countering and S(R1).

Cao Ren has a big advantage over Orochi, all of his attacks are easy too perform and can be done without any involvement from enemies. Cao Ren can easily break Orochis tight guard and at the same time take down surrounding enemies.

Cao Ren is very slow, and if dealt a vital blow, the chances of getting away is low. Cao Ren has a small weakness for archers as well as they can knock him over during his long charge time. Cao Ren also has low range on his normal poundings (S attacks) which means that most attacks will miss.


Dian Wei
Dian Wei, the warrior which can do heavy damage to Orochi, at range! Dian Wei is yet another technique character, but unlike Cao Ren and Cao Pi, Dian Wei don't need his counter.

Dian Wei is very strong, as strong as Huang Gai. Which means he matches Orochi. Dian Wei can throw his axe very far, this allows him to clear an area of surrounding troops and go right for Orochi. Also, Dian Wei has one of the most power full R1 specials in the game. the two explosions does high heavy damage, and by using as many as your musou bar allows you to, Orochi should be down very fast.

Dian Weis speed and spacing can be a very big issue sometimes. The longer attacks are hard to do, so you should stick with the simple ones. Also, Dian Wei has a low close-up range, so you should be very care full with how you attack. His back is always open.


Pang De
Yet another WEI power house. Pang De can juggle the enemies, even though his move set and attack speed is very slow. Pang De have a unique strength and his defence is decent. He can take down Orochi really fast

Simply good. Pang De has a good range and covers a complete 360 degree around him. Aswell as his power type push back the enemy, it also mostly stuns them. Pang De has some spacing and gaps, but his Push-away ability makes up for it. Pang De do not need to use his R1 special at all. Pang Des jump charge is good for getting in and out of crowds.

A small disadvantage with Pang De is his swinging, after a simple square attack, Pang De uses some time to get his halberds swung forward again. This means that Orochi can sneak a strong attack in between these gaps. Pang De is a very good crowd controller, but if you don't focus on Orochi directly he might fall quite quickly. Pang De also has the small disadvantage of his charge times, they serve as no issue towards troops, but again, Orochi may hit you hard during this small amount of time.


Sima Yi
A good equal to Cao Cao and Cao Pi, fast, with decent range and moveset. He do not need the same tactics as Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang as he strongly surpass their moveset. But both Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu can take abit more of a beating than Sima Yi, there's where his biggest weakness is.

Sima Yi has the advantage of speed. He can escape with ease and come back again just as fast. Sima Yi can attack from a distance as well as doing heavy damage at close range. His R1 specials are good for homing and crowd clearing properties. Sima Yis SSST(T) serves as a major crowd controller and can clear the area arround Orochi fast.

Sima Yi is low on strength and thus his attacks have very little effect. Sima Yi doesn't cover his back in any of his attacks either so face-to-face close-up battle is very risky. Sima Yi is easily juggled as he's a light hitter (means that he gets easily knocked over during attacks).


Xiahou Dun
Xiahou Dun is yet another one that can go hand in hand with Cao Cao, Cao Pi and Sima Yi. He is a light hitter, has quick attacks, little spacing, can start attacking from a distance and has low cover at his back. What's so special about Xiahou Dun is his ability to stay in a one-on-one combat without getting distracted by troops.

Xiahou Dun is fast and strong. His R1 specials serves as the distance attacks and he can draw the enemies in with it. Xiahou Dun moves through the crowds at almost the same speed as Cao Pi which means that he can clear a crowd before getting a strong hit from Orochi. Xiahou Dun can take down Orochi by using his SSTTT and jump charge.

Xiahou Dun is like all other speed types, his attacks are easy to block, and he can easily be pounced out of rhythm. Xiahou Dun isn't easily juggled but instead, by some reason, he can be sent flying away quite easily. Xiahou Dun has a slight spacing in his attacks which can be a thorn in his side.


Xiahou Yuan
The archer with the strong attacks. He is very much the same as Huang Zhong, but unlike him Xiahou Yuan can manage a close-up battle. Xiahou Yuan has a good strength as well as his speed isn't all that disappointing.

Xiahou Yuan has many shock waves in his moveset, and his R1 special covers a large area infront of him. His moveset is easy to get used to as it is of the same type as Huang Zhong. Xiahou Yuan has a strength in his ability to survive arrows and do some very impressive turns.

Xiahou Yuan can't cover his back under any circumstances, he has a slow going moveset, low range and on some occasions he easily miss the target. His arrows are mostly point less as they have no effects on Orochi.


Xu Huang
Xu Huang, strong, fast and technique style . Xu Huang is a great start character indeed. He is quite good against Orochi in fact, and has almost no disadvantages worth noticing.

Xu Huangs advantages is:
  • His moveset covers all the way around him, always!
  • He can counter attacks, which covers for the gaps.
  • Xu Huang has many spins, but at the same time he isn't stationed. This means that he can take down enemies around him as he is moving forward.
  • he can easily get to the hardest attacks to perform for some characters, the SSSST and SSSSST.
  • Xu Huang can take down Orochi and keep enemies at bay.
  • Not easily hit by enemies.
  • Does some very great damage!
There's almost no bad things about Xu Huang. Even so I will mind you that he isn't the best. You still have to be very cautious when you attack Orochi. Xu Huang has a little disadvantage in his disability to get stuck when trying to get away. If you reach a critical health level pull back immediately, Xu Huang is not the kind of character you keep going with. Do not jump charge to get away, it covers only a small area and you can easily get critically damaged if you get knocked down.


Xu Zhu
The good old panda man Xu Zhu. He has a couple of good attacks even though he is slow as a turtle. Xu Zhu is not the character to stay long against Orochi though, he can get some troubles with his Power type mixed with some heavy Orochi life drain.
Greatest defence in the game mind you, serves as a good shield against Orochi and his troops.

Can send enemies flying away and clear areas fast. nothing else really remarkable. His R1 special is very good against Orochi though.

Not really much here either, as he can take a couple of poundings, and his spacing isn't really a disadvantage to him. He pushes back the enemy in each hit so the gaps shouldn't be a problem. The only issue is his speed, he will have very big troubles trying to get away from Orochi, so start retreating a good time in advance. Very stationed.


Zhang He
Another speed character, but very unique from the rest. Zhang He covers a huge area, he is very agile, does some pretty jiffy damage and he is "elegant". Zhang He is one of the most unique speed characters in the game. He is not the best even so.

Zhang He covers a large area, and enemies behind him is no big issue as he moves forward alot. Zhang He has a lot of straight forward charge attacks where he simply dashes through the enemy. He has almost no spacing and his charge time is like it doesn't really exist.

Zhang He is a light hitter and is easy to block (notice: Equip Flash). Zhang He also has a small disorientation in his attacks and is hard to control during his fastest attacks, this means that he miss a lot. Zhang He have some stationed charge attacks which are very stationed, this makes an opening for Orochi, so remember to be focused on him during these attacks (SSTTT, SSSST and SSSSST).


Zhang Liao
Zhang Liao, Guan Yu and Lu Meng. What do they have in common? Let me tell you: Strength, charges, defence, range, moveset and turns. Zhang Liao is not the same character as Guan Yu and Lu Meng, but they all do the same thing against Orochi: Leave him without troops!

Zhang Liao has a very good range and his attacks are very good. He covers a surrounding circle around him, and only have gaps in his charges (this is opposite with Guan Yu). His move set is equal to Lu Mengs and is easy to get used too. Zhang Liao has a smooth attack pattern wich makes him easy to control. The first charge (T) makes it possible to charge right through the enemy crowd and go straight on Orochi. His R1 special is quite good against charging enemies (including Orochi).

Zhang Liao is having some escape issues wich can be quite annoying. Also, Zhang Liaos charges, which are the most effective against Orochi, have a long charge time and have a lot of open gaps.


Zhen Ji
The speed type beauty Zhen Ji and her magical flute. Zhen Ji lacks agility, range, strength and defence, and may be counted as the worst character by the first look. But Zhen Ji have some very evil tricks up her sleeve, so you should not underestemate her.

Zhen Ji is very direct, but at the same time she can cover a very small area around her. By going straight on Orochi she can do some very bad damage by using her ST, SSTTT and SSSTTT. If used properly, each of those attacks leaves time to attack the crowd. But, this is where Zhen Jis true strength lies, Zhen Ji has a very naughty forward R1 special wich makes the enemies go in slow motion, even Orochi. This is what gives her enough time to keep the enemies at bay.

zhen Ji has low defence and health, this means that if she gets hurt she may die immediately. Zhen Jis R1 special is a very risky jump if you are in a crows, as if you get hit the effect is automatically removed. Zhen Ji is full of spacing and gaps, even infront of her, this means that she is the only character that is open for all attacks, from all directions.


I hope this guide helped! If you have any questions about the ideal team or any other matter, you can PM me or ask in the forums.


And as a quick end notice to cover some confusion.
The difference between gaps and spacing. Spacing is the time between the attacks, this is for example when the next square button is reliesed or when you perform a charge attack. Gaps are holes in the attack itself which allows an unwanted attack from another direction, for example an uppercut. And uppercut hits straight in front and uppwards, during an uppercut and attack from either of the sides is unblocked. Hoped that cleared up the confusion
Defeating Orochi on chaos. (WU characters)
On chaos you should pick your team carefully after their and your abilities. A good team is vital.
Each character has an advantage as well as a disadvantage, when facing Orochi.

Some characters (actually all) is capable of soloing Orochi on chaos.

S = Square
T = Triangle
R1 ( R1 ) = Special

SSsT is Square, square, square, triangle, for example

I'll try to list the characters their abilities against Orochi... If you wonder wether the ones you'd like is good or not. Look bellow.

- - -

Da Qiao

The two Qiaos are actually quite good in this game, and as a team they make a very deadly combination. Da Qiao is lacking abit strenght, defence and accuricy. But her attack speed makes up for it. Da Qiao is technique type and together with her attack speed she always reach the same dangerous speed limits as Hideyoshi and Kunoichi.

Da Qiao has the advantage of her small size, ranged attacks and speed. She can easely out run Orochi and his men and strike back almost instantly. Da Qiaos R1 special is also quite good with allies.

Da Qiao gets easely disorientated when she runs with the wrong camera angle. And if she gets cought by troops or sliced over by Orochi, she will reach a critical health zone. Da Qiao is easy to get back on her feat so remember to switch character and get away to heal if you reach the critical zone.

- - -

Gan Ning

He is known as the character in the DW series with the deadliest musou, and he is one of the top ranked in all games. Warriors Orochi is no different. Gan Ning may seem weak and helpless in the beginning but in the higher levels the experience will change. Gan Ning is both fast and strong, and have a easy time avoiding attacks.

Gan Ning has a majority of good things in this game, and I'll list them:
  • his first charge attack is a good crowd clearer when breaking through towards Orochi, as well as getting away.
  • Gan Ning has fast hits wich makes him swipe smoothly over the enemy.
  • Gan Ning have both direct hits and crowd hits, the direct hits are the ST, SSTTT and SSST. And the crowd controllers are the T, SSSST and SSSSST.
  • Gan Nings R1 phantom, is the only way possible to block Orochis attacks on, even though it only lasts for two seconds.
Even though Gan Ning is quite effective he has some clerical errors.
  • He hits lightly, wich means that he gets easely knocked out of combos.
  • Gan Ning have a small charge time on his strongest attacks T, SSST and ST.
  • He has no cover on his back in a combo
  • Gan Ning thus being both a crowd controller and a general slayer, he can not do both at the same time, his surrounding attacks are mostly un elemental and blockable, and does little harm to Orochi. Remember to knock Orochi over before any attempt to take down the troops.
- - -

Huang Gai

As with Gan Ning, Huang Gai is very bad in the beginning levels, but Huang Gai is one of the best direct Orochi killers in the game. Huang Gai is half-way defensive and has a massive strength. Compared to Orochi, Lu Bu and Tadakatsu Honda, Huang Gais strenght matches and even passes their strenght.

Huang Gai hits heavy, wich means that every knock this giant do is deadly dangerous. All of Huang gais attacks are ffective in their own way. And to master the full use of him you should know their effect:
T (T): Huang Gai places or throws a bomb, this will enable him to aim and await the enemy. Fire damage (usefull for juggeling wich he is a master of)
ST: This is a frontal straight up knock. Strong enough to knock Orochi flying up in the air.
SSTTT: This attack is very direct and may only be used to take down one at a time, in this case Orochi. Theres a fancy toss in the end wich enables juggling.
SSST: this attack is just a simple quick swung... good against all forntal enemies (it actually stuns Orochi if he tryes to block)
SSSST: A fire bomb for juggling, can also be used to eliminate or push back an annoying crows
SSSSST: the ultimate smack down, use this when you are completely surrounded.

Huang Gai is veeeeery slow, wich actually is a big thorn in his side. Huang Gai is not the character you do a full frontal battle with all the time, and his speed makes it very hard to back off. Huang Gai gets easily surrounded as he hits mostly just right infront of him. (SSSSST...)

- - -

Ling Tong

A regular all-around, he may be impressive in the beginning but later on he gets quite predictable wich can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

Ling Tong hits fast and his hits surround him. He has almost no charge time and his charge attacks have a wide range and a heavy damage. His first charge (T) is incredibly good for charging through the troops and instantly hit Orochi, like Gan Ning.

Not much to say really. His defence can be a pain and you should also focus on how the enemy is moving when you plan your attack. Ling Tongs attacks are strong and good but they need abit of practising and the right time to be of proper use.

- - -

Lu Meng

Lu Meng has a basic moveset wich is easy to get used too. His attacks is like half of Lu Bus and they can really do some damage. Lu Meng is more of a crowd controller then a general killer, as he covers a little area in front of him, but a large one around.

Lu Meng can really kick some ass, he covers the troops around and at the same time is able to keep the generals away. Lu Mengs jump charge is quite good for a start charge to do some serious push-back on Orochi. If you remember to push Orochi back with either a jump charge, R1-special or SSTTT for every 10th enemy you kill he will be down in no time.

Lu Meng has a hard time raising up from a fall wich can cause troubles when fighting Orochi. He also has a quite slow spacing wich opens many holes in his defence and leave him open. Lu Meng is an light hitter wich makes it hard for him to do some direct damage on Orochi by just pounding away on him. Lu Meng is one of many characters with an R1 special defect. Sometimes his flame arrows won't appear, so you should only use them if you've had them for the entire battle at Koshi castle. If not, they leave him open for 3 seconds.

- - -

Lu Xun

Lu Xun is weak, but his speed and accuricy makes up for it. Lu Xun is capable of hitting an enemy beofre they hit him, wich makes him quite deadly. He has a small problem with his range as he has no good range attacks at all.


Lu Xun is a general slayer of the type Juggle and Burn. Lu Xun can continue endless combos on Orochi. Lu Xun can do very much damage in just 5 seconds.


Lu Xun is very open as he is a light hitter and only hits in front of him. He has very big issues with guards, so with Lu Xun Orochi isn't the problem but the troops. If you focus on the troops, Orochi will take you out. Lu xuns R1 special is a good way to keep Orochi away in these cases.

- - -

Sun Ce

Sun Ce is very unique. He has a short range, but his moveset allows him to controll crowds. Sun Ce can attack both Orochi and troops without having to worry about his back.

Sun Ce is quite agile wich allows him to hit around Orochi if he blocks, he also has some pretty jiffy charges wich can send issues away flying.

Sun Ce is lowly defensive and not very strong in himself, taking down Orochi can be a pain as it seems as an never ending battle. Sun Ce also has to watch out when he is using combos on longer then two hits as the charges and hit spaces slow down a little. He is not usually left open, but if you miss an attack, wich you most likely will, be ready to take a punding and quickly recover. Sun Ce is easy to block (I recommend Ice and Flash element, it's quite good with his faults and fire element)

- - -

Sun Jian

Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Yuan Shao, Dong Zhuo, Sun Quan, Gan Ning. what do they have in common? Yes, they all have the same standard moveset, Gan Nings is abit different after the third hit though, but he's unique. But they also got something else in common, and that is balance. All of them have a moveset that is easy to get used to and have a good flow.

Sun Jian is very elemental attachable, and with almost any element he can rock the world. Range and Bolt is very recommendable. Sun Jian has a first charge wich can be used to open a patern between you and Orochi by slaying some annoying troops. ST, SSTTT and SSSTTT can be used to get Orochi away and get rid of some more annoying troops. SSSST and SSSSST is very hard to use due to length and charge time, but if you get a succsesfull set of hits that far you will be impressed. Sun Jian can keep troops and Orochi away at the same time.

even though he is able to keep the enemy at bay without ranged attacks, Sun Jian does not do that much damage. He is also unprotecter on his back when he is slashing and his charge time is abit long. So you should always watch your back, and take down the closest enemies.

- - -

Sun Quan

Sun Quan has abit shorter charge time then Sun Jian and he can deal more hits, but Sun Quan lacks much of Sun Jians agility and miss very easy.

Sun Quan has a load of good attacks. His R1 special can be used to hit over Orochi and a couple of troopls, his SSST and SSSST has the same effect. Sun Quan can deal heavy damage and at the same time cover a complete area arround him.

Sun Quan has a very low defence, and his power type can be a pain at this times, as he takes more damage by standing then by simply falling

- - -

sun Shang Xiang
This tomboy sure know how to pick a fight. With her chakras, SSX is both direct and surrounding in her way of attacks. She is very fast and her R1 specials isn't that bad really.

Sun Shang Xiang has only but advantages above Orochi, she can attack him directly, pull of a ranged charge attack and pull back, the just shoot the troops of and go back on Orochi.

even though SSX is good against Orochi, you should not forget the basics. She is not strong and her defence is low, some of her attacks are easy to miss with and she is hard to get away with if you first get captured. SSX is way too easy to get juggled with and you can die quite quickly with her, when ever you have the chance, Internim save and change character. Then pull back to recover. Remember to have a bait.

- - -

Taichi Ci
Taichi Ci is very strong, quick,, high defence and very hard to hit. This makes him quite a warrior against orochi.

Advantages: Taichi Ci can:
  • do heavy damage at close range
  • damage at a distance by using his SSST
  • Get out of combos and then in again without getting hit.
  • Manage to obtain distance from troops and Orochi
  • Can protect allies when fighting Orochi (one of the only ones that have no troubles with this.)
  • Taichi Cis R1 special can damage Orochi big time if you've taken down the troops
Taichi Ci is easy to knock over during R1 special and jumping charge. But bt normal ass punding, Taichi Ci has only one problem. Taichi Ci is having troubles covering his back, so you should mostly focus on Orochi and then turn for the troops. Taichi Ci is very hard to use if both Orochi, allies and troops get too close, allies will have a further range and will push Orochi away, while Taichi Ci will be having troubles hitting him. During this pushing, Orochi just might unleash his famous first charge wich kills instantly almost all around him at Chaos...

- - -

Xiao Qiao

Xiao Qiao, with Da Qiao they make the unbeatable Qiao sisterhood squad. Xiao Qiao is even faster and more agile then Da Qiao, but her hits are light and does not do much harm to Orochi. Xiao Qiao has to focus on chain damage in order to take down Orochi.

Xiao Qiao can do a very easy flight if you get into trouble. Simply use the aerial flight and then press triangle. If you calculate it right, you can hit a few snakes in the way. Xiao Qiao can do some serious damage to the troops by simply using her SSST, SSSST, SSSSST and T.
As a little bonus, Xiao Qiao can do endless combos like Ling Tong and Sun Ce by using her speed type and jump hit ( X S ).

Mostly the same as da qiao, she can be a tough cookie to handle once you hit her to the ground. She will most likely struggle at least three times against Orochi so be ready with the main armys aid and a couple of dead soldier treasure. Xiao qiao will most likely die if you just run around in circles. Her R1 attack is now good in this battle.

- - -

Zhou Tai

The famous Zhou Tai, his abilities varies from all of the other warriors of Wu. It's like he's got one skill from all characters.

Advantages: This is the signature Zhou Tai skills.
  • his first charge (T) is capable of clearing through the troops and straight at Orochi, leaving open space to attack. (Gan Ning).
  • He can esely outrun Orochi by simply running around him and start hitting (Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao)
  • Zhou Tai is capable of doing never ending combos by using his speed type and super strong jump charge. (Sun Ce, Ling Tong, Xiao Qiao)
  • Zhou Tais moveset is easy to get used to and he is easy to like. (Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Gan Ning)
  • Zhou Tai can attack from a distance and keep Orochi and snake troops separated. (Taichi Ci)

Zhou Tai is speed element wich makes him a light hitter. This causes him to be easely knocked out of rythm, and he can easely be blocked. Zhou Tai have some issues covering his back.

- - -

Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu and Lu Xun, they are very much alike. Both of their R1 special is super strong and can capture and stun the entire Orochi Army.

Advantages: Technique type makes it possible for him to counter Orochis attack, and follow it by his column of fire. Zhou Yu is capable of holding some distance from him and his target while fighting. Can juggle like a master and his jump charge is good if Orochi is infront of you and the troops lurks underneath.
Zhou Yu can do some very clever turns and is capable of automatically don't miss a single hit.

Once Zhou Yu is out of musou, he gets just as useless as Zhuge Liang. All he can do without a musou is to attack Orochi, this leaves no guard for troops, wich he can use as counter on Orochi. Zhou Yu is having some problems getting away from Orochi aswell, so you should use your last musou to stun him and get out.


I hope it helped...
Easier Shu gaiden 8
Normally you would have to get all of your allies out in 2 minuets but this is the easier way:

1.Go to the main keep alone on a fast horse.
2.Fight your way to the part where Liu Bie is supposed to be.
3.Defeat all of the enemies officers that appear and get out, FAST AND ON YOUR OWN!
4.Somewhere at the end of the level a sign will appear and say the battle of ??????????? is know available.

If you get all of the gaiden 8's and personally kill Lu Bu you can unlock him!
How to Unlock Characters from SW2!!
Nagamasa Azai-Clear Wei Story Stage 6

Kotaro Fuuma-In Wu Story - Gaiden 2, defeat him after all supply troops have reached your HQ

Tadakatsu Honda-Impress him in all stories - Gaiden 7

Yoshimoto Imagawa-In Wei Story - Gaiden 4, prevent all ploy troops from entering the village

Inahime-Clear Wu Story Stage 5

Mitsunari Ishida-Clear Wei Story Stage 2

Musashi Miyamoto-In Shu Story - Gaiden 6, successfully open the dam and keep all the swordsmen (yellow) alive

Kanetsugu Naoe-Clear Sengoku Story Stage 7

Nene-In Wei Story - Gaiden 3, defeat the two
Nene clones within 4 minutes after their appearances

Sakon Shima-Clear Wu Story Stage 3

Yoshihiro Shimazu Default Character for Shu Story

Ginchiyo Tachibana-Clear Shu Story Stage 1

ieyasu Tokugawa-Default Character for Wu Story

Hideyoushi Toyatomi-Default Character for Sengoku Story
How to Unlock Shu Characters!!
Ma Chao-In Sengoku Story - Gaiden 2, make sure that all peasants escape and Ma Chao survives

Guan Ping-Clear Sengoku Story - Stage 1

Guan Yu-Clear Shu Story - Stage 7

Huang Zhong-Clear Sengoku Story - Stage 1

Jiang Wei-In Shu Story - Gaiden 2, succeed in initiating Jiang Wei's ambush plan

Liu Bei-Clear Shu Story - Stage 8

Pang Tong-Clear Wei Story - Stage 4

Wei Yan-Clear Shu Story - Stage 3

Xing Cai-Default Character for Shu Story

Zhuge Liang-Clear Shu Story - Stage 7
Yue Ying Clear Shu Story - Stage 2

Zhang Fei-Clear Shu Story - Stage 7

Zhao Yun-Default Character for Shu Story

How to Unlock SW1 characters!!
Hanzo Hattori-Default Character for Wu Story

Mitsuhide Akechi-Default Character for Sengoku Story

Masamune Date-In Shu Story - Gaiden 5, complete the optional missions given

Goemon Ishikawa-In Shu Story - Gaiden 4, break all of Goemon's treasure boxes

Kunoichi-In Wu Story - Gaiden 4, successfully escort all peasants

Keji Maeda-In Wu Story - Gaiden 6, make sure all ally reinforcements are alive and reach Keiji's base before time limit shows 10 minutes remaining

Okuni-Clear Sengoku Story Stage 3

Ranmaru Mori-Clear Wu Story Stage 1

Nouhime-In Wu Story - Gaiden 3, prevent all messengers from leaving the map

Nobunaga Oda-Default Character for Sengoku Story

Oichi-Clear Wei Story Stage 6

Kenshin Uesugi-Clear Sengoku Story Stage 7

Magoichi Saika-Clear Shu Story Stage 2

Yukimura Sanada-Clear Shu Story Stage 3

Shingen Takeda-Clear Sengoku Story Stage 7

Quicker Movement
If you don't have a high level cavalier and don't want to jack other officers horses, a good way to get around quickly is to use Zhang He. You can do this by pressing directional R1 (The move that slashes forward) and air dash. This way of transportation is faster than using lame generic horses and can help you get places quickly.

Note: Some other SPEED characters that have R1s that push forward can also be used in place of Zhang He such as Mitsuhide Akechi.
Unlocking Unique Mounts
Red Hare & Matzukaze:

Get Cavalry ability to level 10


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Get through a base captain in SW
This is how to get through a base captain in SW Stage 6!
1. Go to SW stage 6.......
2. Go to the upper right (top rightest right), go through it *you can't get in, eh?*, if you cant go through it you have to go to the left side of that base.....
3. If you got through, go to the corner that has tree leaves, and you'll fall down to a grey floor, (that's where the soldiers escape) You can go there and do whatever you want.
*NOTE: If you are on the grey floor, use Xiao Qiao to go through the other side by doing X, X, then triangle, and if you wanna get out of that grey floor, you'll just have to find another base*


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Attack Cancels
For those who did not know, you're able to cancel your attacks from one character, making another in your tag able to attack quicker without any lag in between. To do this, when attacking with one character, quickly switch to another during your attack which can cancel out your moves and any remaining lag, opening up an opportunity for your next character to keep up the combo.

In effect, when using your ST (1 Square attack, 1 Triangle attack) you can cancel it in mid-air before you land.
Easy to Get the 4th Weapon
First you need luck level 10.after you use that skill you need only one character lv 99 in your team.(i use lubu/orochi),if you want more easy.you must get their 4th weapon first.after you get their weapon,just play in hard mode(everytime i get weapon 4 i play at sengoku story gaiden 7)that stage lv 4 or 5.for the best 4th weapon,play it at lv 5 stage.GOOD LUCK
Fast way to get around
There are many ways characters can get around fast, some of which are:

Kotaro Fuma - Slide (R1 + Forward), Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Slide just before landing (R1 + Forward).

Zhang He - Charge Attack (R1 + Foward), Jump (X), Air Dash (X) and repeat.

Xiao Qiao - Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Charge Attack (Triangle) and repeat.

Masamune Date - Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Attack (Square) and keep repeating the attack to get further (works best downhill).

No & Mitsunari Ishida - Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Attack (Square). There are many other characters like this, but these two in particular have attacks that last longer than others, so it gets them that little bit further.

Kunoichi - Max out Impulse ability and she can out-run some horses.

There are probably others, but I've found these to be the fastest and most effective.
How to Get Tadakatsu by Impress him
Shu:make sure all peasant escape succesfully.
Wei:go to the south as fast as possible then rescue tadakatsu unit.
Wu:kill all tadakatsu officer before defeating him 2 times.after orochi force come kill dong zhuo.
Sengoku:escort mesengger succesfully then when reinforcement come,kill masamune
How To Unlock Other Characters
Da Ji-Clear all of the stages in the game, including Gaiden stages

Diao Chan-Complete the 5th Wei Gaiden- Diao Chan must stay alive for it to work

Dong Zhuo-In The Samurai Story - Gaiden #4, prevent all money supply troops from reaching Dong Zhuo

Lu Bu-Impress Lu Bu by defeating him in all stories - Gaiden #8

Meng Huo-Clear Shu Story - Stage #4

Orochi-Unlock all other characters besides Orochi

Yuan Shao-Clear Shu Story - Stage #5

Zhang Jiao-Clear Samurai Story - Stage #3

Zhu Rong-Clear Shu Story - Stage #4

Zuo Ci-Complete all 4 of the stories
Unlock 8X Stages
On Level 7 of each story mode, do the following -

SW: Get 1000 kills.
Shu: Escape Edo Castle in 2 minutes with your allies.
Wei: Defeat Da Ji within 1 minute of her defection.
Wu: Have Sun Jian's army join yours within 3 minutes of the start of the battle.
unlocking da ji and king orochi
unlocking da ji and king orochi is easy but hard!

Da Ji:Unlock and play every places (Includeing the extra level)

Orochi:Unlock every warriors includeing the others
Unlocking last gaiden stages
In stage 7 do the requirements:

Sengoku - Achieve 1000 KO.

Shu - Escape from the burning castle in 2 minutes with your allies.

Wei - Defeat Da Ji after she is defected.

Wu - Make your army join with sun jians army in 3 minutes.
Unlocking Other characters
Da Ji- clear all stages in the game including the gaiden stages.

Diao Chan- Complete 5th wei gaiden, diao chan must survive.

Dong Zhuo- in sengoku story-gaiden 4,prevent all money supply troops from Dong Zhuo.

Lu Bu- Impress Lu Bu by defeating him in all stories- Gaiden 8.

Meng Huo- Clear Shu Story- Stage 4.

Orochi- Unlock all characters besides Orochi.

Yuan Shao- Clear Shu Story- Stage 5.

Zhang Jiao- Clear Sengoku Story- Stage 3.

Zhu Rong- Clear Shu Story- Stage 4.

Zuo Ci- Finish all 4 stories.
Unlocking Wei Characters
Cao Cao Clear Wei Story - Stage 7
Cao Pi Default Character for Wei Story
Cao Ren Rescue the Takeda-Uesugi army within 2 minutes, then escort the horsemen and defeat Cao Ren when he charges
Dian Wei Clear Wei Story - Stage 7
Pang De In Shu Story - Gaiden 3, successfully rescue all of the Hojo (yellow) generals
Sima Yi In Sengoku Story - Gaiden 6, foil Sima Yi's strategy by killing the two retreating Orochi generals
Xiahou Dun Clear Wei Story - Stage 4
Xiahou Yuan Clear Wei Story - Stage 4
Xu Huang Default Character for Wei Story
Xu Zhu Clear Wei Story - Stage 1
Zhang He In Wei Story - Gaiden 2, successfully rescue Zhang He and defend the HQ
Zhang Liao Default Character for Wei Story
Zhen Ji In Wei Story - Gaiden 6, defeat all magicians and the fake Cao Pi by yourself as fast as possible
Unlocking Wu Characters
Gan Ning Clear Wei Story - Stage 6
Huang Gai Clear Wei Story - Stage 5
Ling Tong Clear Sengoku Story - Stage 5
Lu Meng Clear Wu Story - Stage 3
Lu Xun In Sengoku Story - Gaiden 3, successfully escort Lu Xun to your HQ
Sun Ce Default Character for Wu Story
Sun Jian Clear Wu Story - Stage 7
Sun Quan Clear Wu Story - Stage 7
Sun Shang Xiang Clear Wu Story - Stage 5
Taishi Ci Clear Wu Story - Stage 2
Xiao Qiao Clear Sengoku Story - Stage 3
Zhou Tai Clear Wu Story - Stage 6
Zhou Yu Clear Wu Story - Stage 1
Da Qiao In Wu Story - Gaiden 5, meet Da Qiao before the enemy does