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Kane is back, and you have to stop him from taking over the world again... or help him achieve his goal. But this time the situation is more complicated. Due to unforeseen problems with Tiberium, a third force of Mutants (or "Shiners") now inhabit the land and are hostile to both GDI and NOD. On top of that a second Tiberium substance has been showing up in some areas with different properties to the traditional Tiberium. Once again the war between GDI and NOD rages on.

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Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection includes 17 game downloads

Windows Vista, 7 compatible

Aug 31, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 2 comments
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm available free

Grab the second game and its expansion from this classic RTS series

Feb 12, 2010, by Sean Ridgeley | 4 comments
Tiberian Sun: Firestorm Announced

Westwood Studios has announced an expansion pack for Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun due to be released in early 2000. Westwood has launched a flash site for their new product at : http://www.firestorm.westwood.com.

Oct 21, 1999, by Austin Bailey | 0 comments

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May 16, 05 4:21pm
A very underrated RTS, pretty much what defined C&C. This would more then likely score second place in my C&C list. CommandandConquerTiberianSun
Freak 2345
Jan 29, 05 5:10pm

Hey people just got one of my favourite RTS games out there:Command and...

Aug 2, 04 6:21am

This game carries on after the first C&C game. Although the Temple of Nod was...

Feb 20, 03 8:36pm

This game was the first game I ever bought, and in fact saw my friend play it a while...

Oct 11, 02 8:28pm

Though the storyline is quite interesting, the game is just bad. I'm somebody who...

Sep 16, 02 12:22pm

IF i were you, i would not get this game, you will get tired of it in about a day, and...

Dancing Banana
Jul 24, 02 9:39pm

well this is a good game, but it doesnt live up to teh other RTSes that westwood has...

Jul 4, 02 6:10pm

You can play by your self against the computers as any group. Or you can do missions...

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