[edit] Background

In a fictional near future, Washington D.C. is shaken by several strange events resulting in heightened local and national tensions. John Adams, the enigmatic leader of a shadow organization known as the Trust, realizes that the nation’s capital has come under attack by an alien race called the Drudge. A former Secret Service agent, codenamed "Mr. Ford", is recruited to learn the origins of this attack. The answer Mr. Ford finds is not the one he expects.
The Conduit is a straightforward First Person Shooter (FPS) in the style of Halo, MOH: Heroes 2, and Resistance: Fall of Man. Players battle enemy forces in a highly detailed 3D world using a dynamic control scheme only possible on the Wii.

[edit] Features

  • "Next-Gen" Visuals – Dynamic environment mapping, interactive water with real time reflection, and four stage texture composition including gloss, diffuse, and bump mapping all make this the best looking game on the Wii.
  • Fearsome Enemies – A vast number of terrifying alien creatures work against you as you attempt to prevent the invasion.
  • Intelligent Behavior – Enemies make use of human-like behavior in combat including use of cover and tactical thinking.
  • Intense Weaponry – Unleash destruction with a huge arsenal of human and alien weaponry that utilizes the innovative Wii controller for unique firing modes.
  • Secrets Revealed – Use a device called the All Seeing Eye (ASE) to reveal concealed objects and enemies, providing a deeper level of puzzle solving.
  • Don't Trust Anyone – Up to 16 players simultaneously compete against each other in online Multiplayer, including Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes. Talk trash using online voice chat through the new WiiSpeak peripheral.
  • Award Winning Development - IGN Best Shooter Game of E3 2008 (Wii), IGN Best Graphics Technology of E3 2008 (Wii), IGN Best Overall Wii Game of E3 2008, GameTrailers Best Wii Game of E3 2008, and Top 20 Games of E3 2008 (Edge).

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Keep an old favorite going from The Conduit

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Sega will "probably" back off on mature Wii titles

Studio director bummed over sales

Jan 04, 2010, by Sean Ridgeley | 6 comments
The Conduit dated for June 23

Sega and High Voltage Software's Wii-exclusive shooter promises visual quality previously unseen on the relatively weaker console

Apr 24, 2009, by Leo Chan | 9 comments
The Conduit trailer #6

Here, have some gameplay

Mar 11, 2009, by Sean Ridgeley | 0 comments
The Conduit to support MotionPlus + WiiSpeak

Developer keen on 'making full use of the Wii’s capabilities'

Oct 06, 2008, by Sean Ridgeley | 0 comments
Invent a control scheme for The Conduit

High Voltage announce contest

Sep 19, 2008, by Sean Ridgeley | 0 comments

Latest Activity

Jul 22, 12 9:03pm
game of the year shooter for the wii? i think not. the wii remote being the only option was a bad move.... gamecube controller please? TheConduit
Jan 29, 11 4:26pm
The conduit is hands down the best fps in regards to control second only to Prime 3. TheConduit
Apr 4, 10 9:20am
The opening introduction and first few minutes of game play are superb and do well to give the wii a good name....then it just got boring TheConduit
Mar 5, 10 9:06am

Bringing a First person shooter to the wii was a wonderful idea, and on some degrees...

Feb 27, 10 3:14pm
pm me if u wanna add me, looking 4 peeps w/ wii speak. TheConduit
Feb 9, 10 4:31pm
It's about time I have a generic FPS. Multiplayer is awesome. My aim fail is getting slightly less powerful ^_^ Also i beat campaign on... TheConduit
Jan 29, 10 9:09pm
cheating TheConduit
Dec 28, 09 1:38pm
Great game. Much better than COD on the Wii! TheConduit
Dec 6, 09 11:44am
uper awesome, a must-get. TheConduit
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Oct 31, 09 3:46am

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