Super Mega Worm Cheats

Super Mega Worm cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.


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Game Center Achievements
Complete each achievement to get Game Center points! The numbers in brackets are the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Southern Cooking (20)Eat 100 Billy Bobs.
Sausage Party! (10)Eat 100 Dudes.
Womanizer! (10)Eat 50 Women.
Cop Killer! (10)Eat 100 Cops.
Emu-burger (10)Eat 50 Emus.
Got Helium? (10)Eat 50 Balloon Boys.
My Tasty Pony (10)Eat 50 Horses.
I'm on TV! (20)Eat 50 Weather Balloon Boys.
Mile High Club! (20)Eat 50 Planes.
Where's the ground? (20)Eat 50 Paratroopers.
Big Green Bird (30)Eat 10 Military Planes.
The Final Frontier (10)Touch the sky!
Space Snacks (30)Eat 50 Astronauts.
Earth Protector (20)Eat 20 UFOs.
To the Moon and... (50)Eat the Moon!