New Super Mario Bros. Cheats

New Super Mario Bros. cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more New Super Mario Bros. cheat codes.

Command codes

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Play as Luigi!
When the game is on its main menu,click on mario game. Then choose any of the datas, hold the L button, and press a on the profile you want to use. You should hear luigis voice and you'll be playing as luigi.
Secret Challenge Mode.
When you have beaten the game, press start. Then you type these codes: L R L R X X Y Y. Then it will confirm and say Congratulations to the secret challenge mode. If you get stuck press start and return to map.


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Game Completion Bonuses
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlimited Toad HousesBeat the game including every singe level.
Touch Screen Background PatternsComplete the last level of the last world. A blue toad house will appear in world 1 where you can exchange star coins for these.
Last Touch Screen BackgroundOpen and complete every single level and obtain every last star coin.


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A easy way to get 1 of the star coins on 3-A.
On World 3 stage A you can kill that pink thing with fire power and then you can go under those blocks to get it.
beat bowser jr. easier
when facing bowser jr., you should first do a regular jump on top of him then do a ground pound so he won't jump all over the place making it nearly impossible to hit him. Or you can get fire power Mario and just rain him in fireballs and then jump on him and he will automatically lose. Or you can do it the easiest way by getting a mega mushroom in your inventory saver and go into Bowsers door and put on the mega mushroom and stomp over him and it will be an instant win.
Beating The Two Final Bosses
You can not beat the final boss,Bowser, without first obtaining a Mega Mushroom,after obtaining a Mega Mushroom,make it through the final level and drop the Mega Mushroom once at the bridge, then simply walk across and knock Bowser Jr. out. Then jump to the button and enjoy the game's ending. You can also knock out Bowser Jr. in the fortress stages as well with a Mega Mushroom!

[Mod Edit] You don't have to aquire the Mega Mushroom in order to beat Bowser.
blue mushroom house
Got an extra 20 star coins? you can use them to buy backgrounds for the touch-screen panel. Once you beat the last level and have 20 star coins go to the blue mushroom house right above 1-1, and you should see a selection of backgrounds.
Breaking the Flagpole and Getting More Lives
In World 1-1, Mario/Luigi must play throughout the course until they get to the ? Block (the one with the "Wild" Mega Mushroom). Before hitting the block, hit the Goomba on the right to avoid getting hurt. Then hit the block, go to the left (NOT too far beacuse this makes it trickier.) when it pops up and, when the Mega Mushroom hops to the right, follow it without eating it until you get near to the ledge. Then quickly eat it, and transform into Mega Mario and smash through the level. When you smash through the staircase, you will eventually smash the flagpole. Then the music goes mute for two seconds, the course clear music plays (as well as Mario/Luigi course clear speech.), and best of all, Mario/Luigi looks at the broken flagpole, shrugs his shoulders and transforms into Super Mario/Luigi and, when he walks to the castle, is greeted with 5 1-UP mushrooms.

Doing this loads of times until you get infinate lives is like the 99 1-UP mushroom cheat but slower.
Control Luigi's Scream
In The Game "Whack-A-Monty" In The Mini-Game Screen, Every Time You Hit Luigi 10 Times, His Screams Will Change. After You Hit Him 30 Times, He'll Let Out A Big Scream, And The Sounds Of His Scream Will Reset.
Easier Bowser JR Fights
Instead of stomping on Bowser JR, use ground pounds on him. Instead of 3 stomps, 2 ground-pounds will defeat Bowser JR. This is especially useful in the later levels.
Easy 1-up on World 1-4
when you get the mini mushroom, keep it, and at the end(before the flagpole) you can run and jump, and get a 1-up.
Easy 4 lives in World 1-1
In world 1-1, at the very end when you see the stairs, make sure you are mega mario and knock down as many of the stairs as you possibly can.
Easy 5 lives
Go to 1-1 and go to the part where you get the Mega Mushroom. Don't get it just yet, stand behind it so that it will go forward. Follow it until it's about to go down the hole. If done correctly, you should be able to be Mega Mario/Luigi till the end of the level. Be sure to knock down the stairs and the flagpole. Mario/Luigi should look back then turn into their normal selves (with the mushroom upgrade) and they should go forward into the castle, getting the 5 lives on their way.
Easy Lives
To get really easy one ups, go to level 1-1. Bump the mega mushroom box, and then let it travel all the way right until it's at the edge of the cliff. Grab it, then run through the level, destroying everything. If you did it right, you can smash over the flag jumping stairs and even the flagpole and get lots of one ups. Best of all, you can do it over and over again!
easy lives
on new super mario and your trying to get a lot of lives go to each world and there should be a green thing like the lives and you can get a lot but beware do not hit boswer if not he will only give you as many as you hit before you hit boswer
Easy lives and a mega mushroom in inventory without house
For the mega mush room got to world 1-2 and gow down the pipe about halfway through. In the 2nd room where you get the mega mushroom, hit it from underneath, jump on the box (with out getting it) jump above it and slide down. The mushroom should be traveling left now. wait until it is under the pipe leading out and get it. Should go to your item box <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Also for the lives got to 4-1 and then make sure you get the mushroom. Then while holding down dash press and hold down jump as well and land on the shell, then the bug thing and continue on this until you get to the bit with the goombas and the shell. This bit is quite difficult, but the trick is to land on the goomba then the top of the shell very quickly. If done correctly you should be able to jump to the next bug thing and continue the life-strak all the way up to the blue dinosaur <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy mushroom house
If you want a mushroom house all you have to do
is this , First get to the flag wait until the last two numbers are the same then a mushroom
house will pop up!
Extra 2000 points
In leve l-1 just before the flag, there will be a turtle on a block. Jump on him or hit the bottom of the block to get his shell. Carry it through the flag(you can still jump while holding it)and you will get an extra 2000 points! Plus the amount of points that you get regularly
Extra Lives
World 1-1

Play through the Level until you get the Mega Mushroom. Run and jump through the level to get 1-7 1 ups. Then when you are at the pole, jump on the stone, but don't go through. Wait for the timer to have the last 2 numbers 44 or 55 (eg. 255, 044)Go through and a different song will play. Fireworks will follow and when you get out of the level a Green Mushroom House should appear. I did this and got 99 lives
Final Battle Path
If you havent figured it out yet, you must go to certain paths in the right order.

the order is bottom, top, middle.

Final Bosses: Shaking Skull.
When Ur at the final bosses (Bowser and Bowser Jr.) before u get close to them stay where u are so you'll see Skeleton Bowser (lying) and Bowser Jr. . Wait a few seconds on the spot and u should see Bowser's skull shaking!
I'll also put a video of this soon on YouTube.
My name is SinHorn on YouTube!
Fire Power Mario vs. Browser or Any Other Ememy
When your at the castle or tower , dont jump on the ememies! If you have fire power , just use that !! Its as simple as dat!!!!!
Free Mushroom Houses
Instead of immediately jumping onto the flag pole at the end of a stage, take your time and watch the clock. If you hit the flag when the last two digits of your timer are the same (example: 133, 211, or 099) you'll unlock a mushroom house on your World Map. If the last two digits are 1, 2, or 3, you'll unlock a red mushroom house. If the last two digitsl are 4, 5, or 6, you'll unlock a green mushroom house. If the last two digits are 7, 8, or 9, you'll unlock an orange mushroom house.
Get More Coins
Here are a few tips for getting more $$$ (which means more 1-Ups!)

- shoot all the enemies you can find. Every enemy you shoot yeilds a coin.

- go in a pipe. When you come back out of a pipe, enemies you've already beaten will be back, so shoot them again for another coin!

- Get those 8 red coins. Red coins count towards 1-Ups, but Star Coins don't.

- level 1-1 is the bomb. There are so many coins in that level alone.
Hidden 1 Up Mushroom in World 2-3
Go to World 2-3. After reaching the half way point you will go down to the sewer. Stay to the left. When you see a ? brick, jump to the left ledge. If you jump up, about 1 brick length away from the wall, a hidden 1 UP mushroom will appear.
How to always get blue mini mushroom
Heres what you got to do.

First you need to go to a level with the lucky red floating question mark box.Then what you want to do is press A on level and when your in level go to the red lucky question mark box and wait for it to float down to you and when it does jump under it and there you have it,you got yourself a blue mini mushroom.Hope This Helps!!!!!!
How to beat most bosses with fireballs
You can beat most bosses with fireballs. However, it can take up to 30 hits to kill a boss, so sometimes it might not be practical. You can check if a boss is affected by throwing fireballs at it. If it glows red for a moment, then it's affected.
How to finish the ghost house level in world 7
When your up to the ghost house in world 7,you will find three blocks, one of them has a "?" switch, jump on it and 5 doors appear.Go into the door on the bottom right hand corner.You will go into a room with lots of hands on top.
In the middle there is an invisible ? block.
Keep jumping in the middle until you hit a block.
A ? switch will appear.Jump on it andtwo levers will appear.Use the high jump pad to go on it then jump onto the stand to continue
Hundred Lives...
Level 2-4

The turtle on the last stair to the flag...wait for him at the bottom. Jump when you see him hit the 2nd step. Keep pressing jump button when you are on top of him. Good luck!
Incredibly easy extra men.
This will help you a TON before going into world 7 and 8. All you have to do is go to world 6-1, enter it and time your exit right so that you have as MANY bombs you can on the screen at once before you jump up and grab the flag, majority of the bombs on the screen will turn into extra men. you can easily obtain 3-4 extra men and easily get flower power by running thru this and doing it over and over. I now have 99x lives
Infinite lives/powerups
After beating the game and getting all star coins in at least 4 worlds, you can reuse the mega mushroom/mushroom/life houses as much as you want.
Inifinte 1UPs
At the pipe right at the end of World 1-4, kick a koopa shell and it'll keep sliding back and forth between the pipe to the right and the wall to the left. If you jump every time the shell comes your way, the shell will kill the enemies that constantly appear, eventually giving you you 1UPs.
Item Storage
If you close your Nindendo DS while playing, it will go into a sleep mode. When you reopen it, whatever you have stored in your item saver will appear for you to use. This is something to beware of since normally, you would just use the stylus to access stored item.
Last world order code
on the HUGE green castle in world 8, when you get to the checkpoint, there is an order of how to get through the places with multiple levels. the 1st place (be4 the place when u jump onto a place with a fire spinning thing), go on the bottom. the second place, wher the spikes are on the top a little, go on the top, but when you get over the fist gap, start dashing and dont jump into the spikes. the last time, go on the middle, but access it from the lower level (it wont count as wrong). If done correct, you should hear a *bing!* sound after each set of stacked levels.
Get coins till you have a 100 then you should get 1 live till you get another 100 coins.
In world 6-6 at the end go down the second last green pipe, it will shoot you to the top of the flag pole and you will get a life.
This level is also good for getting fire powers.
Lots of Cheats, including Secret Exits

Yellow Mushroom with Red spots- Mega Mushroom Toadhouse
Red Mushroom with White spots- Koopashell/Minimushroom/Fireflower/Supermushroom toadhouse
Green mushroom with white Spots- Lives toadhouse


Once you defeat the final boss on W8, and you use a Toadhouse, it stays! Keep using a Lives toadhouse until you have 99 lives

Secret exits and Secret Areas/

Some levels have secret exits. You know this if the flag is red. You'll unlock something:

World 1 Level 2:

On the second tilting seesaw, stand on the left. When the right hand side is up high, quickly run up and jump on the ceiling. A green pipe further behind the other is located, along with Star Coin 3. Collect, then enter for a secret exit.

World 1 Bowser Jr. Tower:

Snag a Blue Koopa Shell first. Get to the first pipe, then you'll boost up. Go in the door you see. You should be in a room with sliding blocks. Get the Star Coin. In a gap on the right hand side wall is another room. Find the invisible bricks (and life mushroom) and use your Shell to break the other bricks. (the yellow pipe isn't a secret pipe

World 6 Sandy Level (cant remember the level number)

At one of the cliffs, you'll see a sandy fall. 2 Lakitu (cloud guy) will throw spiky stuff at you. Sink into the fall for a secret room.A star coin is located here

World 4 level one:

At a row of five briks, with the end ones being ? blocks, get on top of them (by swinging on the vines or by jumping the spiders) Above the middle brick is an invisible block with a vine. Up you go. (The brick might be at normal mario height, so if you are super, you may have to crouch jump to get it)

World 3 Ghost House:

At the end where you press a switch to make a door appear, ignore the door. You want the one all the way back over the steps. It's next to a different door from earlier. The one you want is on the left

World 4 Ghost house:

Grasp a mini mushroom. At the end is a large space going upward. As normal, you usually can't wal kick high enough; but as Mini you can wallkick to the top! The secret exit is through the door

World 5 Ghost House:

At the steep steps, there is three blocks. Above them is three more invisible blocks. Above that is an invisible brick; with a vine. You must crouch jump if you are super. Climb the vine.

World 7 Ghost House:

Through the bottom right door are both the normal and Secret exits. In the Hands room, the Hands point to an invisible moving brick. Its got a switch. Find, and press. iN the above room, to the right is exit. To the left is secret exit. Go left, until you see a block which gives a little shine. It has a vine. Climb.

thats all for now

Make any boss fight easy
Simply have a Mega Mushroom in your reserve and get to the boss. Activate the Mega Mushroom and simply run into the boss. Since Mega Mario or Mega Luigi can do a lot more damage, not to mention invincible, the boss will be quickly dispatched, even in the last fight.
Mega Mushroom in level 2 world 1
go to W1-2 to the pirahnas and when you get to the first one go in the pipe when its not there and there should be a red koopa hit it and throw it and let it clear all the blocks on the bottom and slide and go to the box with a ? in it and there should be a mega mushroom
Mega Mushroom Lives
Heres how to get 5 lives instantly.

1. Get a Mega Mushroom
2. Go to W6-3
3. Activate it and storm through the level
Play as Luigi!
Before loading in to your saved file hold down L+R and then (still holding L+R) load in to your file. If you've done it right you should hear the game say "Luigi". Then it will load in as Luigi.

Its no different to playing as Mario but some people like playing with Luigi better.
PWN3D bowser Jr. in 1 second!
Make sure you were holding a mega mushroom! when you battle battle baby bowser use a mega mushroom you were holding and jump on B. Bowser 2 times and he is dead!
Quick Replenish of Lives
Basically, If you have under 5 lives and you've just completed a castle level(or anywhere where you get the chance to save) save your game, then go into any level and get yourself killed 4 times or less. 'GAME OVER' should come up for you, so just choose the option continue, then you'll be no further back then you were last time and will have 5 lives(1, 2 3 or 4 more than you originally have if you want to do this)
Raining coins or goombas
Ground pound as the huge Mario, and coins or goombas will rain down!
Road to 99 lives
This is how to get 99 lives relativly fast.

1. Go to World 1-1

2. Run and jump through the level, stopping at the Mega Mushroom block. (If done right, you should have about 375 seconds left, give or take)

3. Free the Mega Mushroom from the block. Follow it to the cliff.

4. Grab the Mushroom!

5. Rampage through the level, jumping once at the double steps.

6. On occasion, after knocking the flagpole down, you might have 355 or 344 seconds left. If so, go to the lives house.

7. Now, you are stocked up on lives, and ready to defeat the game!
Secret Invincible!
In World 1-2 When you get to the pipes jump up on to the blocks and go on the left block. Jump up and a block will appear with the invincible!
Secret Star Power-Up
In World 1-2, go to the pipes with the Piranha Plants. Then, you should see 2 bricks with coins on top. Jump on top of the first brick. Jump on top of that brick. You should see a block appear with a star coming out of it. Now you should be Star Mario/Luigi. I hope this helps.
Skip some levels
If you see a cannon on the stage select map, find the level it is attached to, and find a 2nd way to beat that level. You will then be able to go to the cannon level. The cannon will shoot you to a world you havent unlocked yet! Good luck!
Some tips and Cheats
How to play as Luigi:
When selecting your saved file hold L and R then press A and you will here Luigi Say "Luigi!"

How to get Unlimited Mushroom Houses:
You Must Unlock every level and complete them at least once then all the mushroom houses will remain there and will not disappear when you finish in them
(note: this is an easy way to get as many lives as you want, also you can get unlimited Mega mushrooms and items)

Item Priority:
Items have priority over each other and this is how they go (from littlest priority to biggest)
Blue Shell
Mini Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
(Note: a way of getting alot of points is having a high priority item in your pocket and getting a less priority item)

How to get all 3 stars next to your save file:
There are specific things you have to do to get stars by your save file:

1st Star: Beat the game once

2nd Star: Finish all of the levels once

3rd Star: Unlock all of the Cannons, Pipes and Mushroom Houses, Collect all of the Star coins and spend them all

How to get to world 4 and 7:
You may notice when playing the game you don't go World 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, it goes 1-2-3-5-6-8 and you're also wondering how to get to worlds 4 and 7:
World 4: Defeat the World 2 boss as Mini Mario/Luigi
World 7: Defeat the World 5 boss as Mini Mario/Luigi
Star Coin Ghosts
once you collect a Star Coin, the next time(s) you run the level, it will be a blue ghost. If you collect this ghost, you get 1000 points!
Super circus triple jump!
nobody gives you credit for this, but it might help you to get high ledges. anyways, first get in an open area, then dash! when your as fast as you can go, jump foward, then jump foward again, and Mario will do a jump split, then again, and he will do a oringinal Super smash bros. flip! keep praticing this!
Josiahking56 (from youtube, neoseeker and much more!)
Tiny Mario can still Deal the Damage!
With Tiny Mario, instead of normally jumping on an enemy which doesn\'t work with tiny mario, stomp on the enemy[Hold down in mid air after a jump]to kill it.
if you are already Fire Mario, and you collect a Fire Flower, it goes into your stored item compartment.

if you are Fire Mario during a Tower BowserJr battle, shoot him with a ton of fireballs, then jump on him once, and you win! it's easyer than just jumping.
Unlock the world 1 cannon!
While in the map go to wi-middle castle. Halfway through that level there is a yellow door with moving blocks inside it, go through a gap in the blocks in the top right corner. When in the room it takes you to get in koopashell and break the blocks to the red pipe, then go through the red pipe and the cannon will shoot you to world 5.
Email me and letme know how it goes :-).
Unlock World 7 through World 4
Escape the ghost house using the alternate exit (the one only accessible as Mini Mario, near the 3rd Star Coin) to unlock the Warp Cannon. This cannon will take you to World 7.


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Glitch World
Once you have beaten the game (defeated Bowser once and collected all Star Coins in all worlds) in one of the worlds, where the Mushroom House at the start should be a red, glowing dot (as you see when you haven't done that world). Go onto it and press A. You will be taken underground, then when you go through the pipe, you will arrive in a glitched world with glitched enemies. If you want to, get to the end of the level. Then, you will be taken back to the world map but the game will freeze. Do this as many times as you like!
Infinite 1-up
In world 1-4, go forward until you get to the red turtle. Jump on it's head, then pick it up. Make sure that you don't hit any Goomba's afterward, and still go fast. When you get to the part right before the staircase, make sure you cannot see the gold pipe, and throw the shell. It should keep hitting the walls and killing the Goomba's, soon you'll start getting 1-ups.

*Note: This may take a couple try's.*
Koopa Kick
The glitch is very hard to do. First, go to world 2-4. Once at the end of the level, you will see a green koopa going down the staircase. You have to jump on it but not yet. You need to get on the corner of a block ( on the corner of a stair ). When it comes, jump on it. Then, quickly jump again and if Mario starts to jump on his own while kicking the shell, let him go. He will start making extra lives because Mario is actually jumping on it altogether even as if it looks like he is not. You can get up to 99 lives from only having 1 life left.
Make your game title say "World 1" (even if you're passed W-1)
Even if you're in world 2, maybe 8 this glitch WORKS! At least for me. I only did it once so, don't get mad if it doesn't work for you. This is the way I did it the first time, experiment! There may be different ways. I don't know, again I haven't tried again. Mainly because I haven't gotten passed the castle in world 7 and only got 2 star coins -_-. Anyways back to the glitch!

1.) Make sure, that you have SAVED wherever you are at! Unless you want to lose any other unsaved information, provided that you have at least 5 star coins.

2.) Go to W1-A (if you haven't already bought it, do so now).

3.) When playing it, hit star before the sharks come up.

4.) Now that you're at the pause menu, go to quit.

5.) Go to the first option and then, once it pulls up the profiles you should see (at least thats how it did for me) that your profile now says "World 1" !

I really hope that this was helpful, and when this happened to me, I was about to throw a 2 year old tantrum because I thought that It erased all my information! Plus if you do it right, this could also work as an exceptional prank for your extreme gamer friends or siblings! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Somersaulting without the Starman
To do this, you should go and get a Starman, and as soon as you hear the added melody from SM64's Wing Cap theme(a sign that it's going to wear off), enter a pipe. Now jump, and you can still somersault as if you still had the Starman affecting you.
Walking Backwards
In World 4, after finding the secret exit of World 4-1, go to 4-1, face up, and then press Down on the D-pad. You'll walk backwards until you reach the end.

Easter eggs

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Background in World 8-8
World 8-5 onwards (Bowser Valley) has a background similar to W6. In World 8-8, volcanic rocks fall around you. There is a sneaky way to tell when the rocks will fall. Check the background every so often. If the volcanoes are erupting, that's the moment the rocks will fall.
Dancing Koopa Troop
On the 2nd half of World 8, Koopas and Spineys will dance to the music at a certain part. But watch out, the dancing changes the pattern of movement.
Extra Super Mushroom
In world 1-2, the pipe one, before the secret exit there is a pipe that you can go down. Within this pipe is a red koopa. DO NOT USE YOUR FIRE FLOWER ON THIS KOOPA!! you have to jump on him or knock him from below. Once you have done this, kick his shell. you will notice that below the extra pipe it is knocking away at bricks. Through this bricked up passage is a whole lot of Goombas and a ? block with a super mushroom in it. if you destroy everything you get 2 lives. You can also do this with the Blue Koopa shell and you can do the run thing and do the same thing.
Free lives
In world 6-1 get a mini mushroom and go to the top after the checkpoint. Go in the pipe. there will be 16 mini goombas and a star! Get the star, bust all the goombas, and you can do it all over again! Do this until the time is low. I got 13 lives once from this
Starman Music thingy!!!
First, go to World 4, and the level before the ghost house (NOT the one
with the path to the mushroom house!) Somewhere in the level, there will
be a block with a Fire Flower, Blue Shell, Starman and a Mushroom. (I think it has a mushroom in it, I don't know) If you get the starman*, get the vine up, climb it, and go to the left. Get the ? block that's there, and it should spit out another starman. Claim it before your time runs out, and you'll hear the starman theme sounds a lot like the Super Mario Galaxy starman theme! Weird, huh?
<span class="wikilists">
  • It will work better if you get the vine up before you get the block.</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

It works for me, I have experienced it twice. Good luck!


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99 Lives In Two Worlds
World 7-5-Three quarters way into the map, on the down slope between the two bullet towers, there is a green turtle and a small bomb minion. Stomp on the green turtle and have it bounce between the two towers, it will knock the lower bullets for 1-ups. Make sure to jump over the turtle each time it passes underneath, and watch out for overhead bullets!

World 2-4, right at end climbing up to flagpole, the exact same way as the very 1st Super Mario for NES. Stomp as regular mario onto the descending turtle as it is falling onto the brick above you. Mario will then jump repeatedly on that turlte for a quick 1UP every half second.
Beat Bowser without beating Bowser Jr.
To do what the title (shown above ) says,be mini mario and get to the boss. Hit Bowser Jr. with a ground pound and wall jump.You should go above Bowser and land on the button!Simple!

NOTE:I haven't gotten to Peach yet, but I'm trying.
Challenge Mode
In save files where you've beaten World 8, you can try NSMB's Challenge mode, which doesn't let you scroll to the left or downward, depending on the stage. Turn on Challenge mode by pressing Start on the map screen, followed by L R L R X X Y Y. When you enter the code, a message welcoming you to Challenge mode will appear, along with an arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the map screen. A red arrow icon means that the stage will have scrolling limitations. For unbeaten stages, auto-scrolling stages, and a few others, the arrow icon will be gray, which means that they won't be affected by Challenge mode. If you get stuck and can't remember what the welcome message told you, don't move for 40 game seconds and another message will appear to remind you that you can press Start and choose "Return to map" to leave the stage. Back on the map screen, you can turn off Challenge mode with the same code.
Dancing Atoms
When You Hear 'Ba Ba' In The Level Music, Goombas Will Jump, Koopas Will Turn And Items Will Jump And Go The Other Way!
Extra Easy 1up! It's easier than it looks.
While in W1-1 right before you get the chech point flag, there is a red turtle. Between the two sets of boxes, jump up until the gap is filled. Then jump UP to hit the middle box. A plant should appear going into the sky. Climb up the plant and get all the red coins!
Get a Mushroom from Coin Blocks
Whenever you find a brick block that might be a multi-coin block, instead of hitting it repeatedly give it a butt stomp and hold down. You'll get all the coins and a mushroom will pop out last.
Go through walls (Code breaker needed)
1. Go to world 6 and choose with those cliffs.
2. (This is when the code breaker comes in) Make sure you selected moon jump and then hang on the cliff and use moon jump.
3. It should like your holding on any roof now when you approch to a part like a thick stick.
Hit the part and you should be in the wall but don't hold the A button! Or else
4. Let go of the A button.
*Congratlation! you know how to go through walls!*
how to ge 99 lives easy and only doing 1 lvl
go to world 1-1 and get to the part in the stage when you get the mega mushroom use it and just keep on knocking things down until it wears off. when it wears off you will see 1,2,3,4 or 5 lives at the top of your screen. repeat this several times until you have got 99 lives.

see easy!!!! isn't it? have fun
how to get loads of points
if you unlock the light orange with dark orange spots on it mushroom house it gives you a giant mario mushroom use it near the end and you will get 100,000 points (you can only get this amount of poins by breaking the flag in any level but when you do you can't do it again it's a once in a gming opetunity for gamers so grab it while you can!!!!)
Mario or Luigi and flag
To play as Luigi pressthe L and R buttons to switch to Luigi. And if you land on the flag when the last two digits are the same (eg. 22, 122, 44, 55)you get a mushroom house at the start level! Cool huh?
Play as Luigi
Hold L + R and press A while selecting your save file.
Play as Luigi
If you don't have New Super Mario Brothers than you can't use this cheat. (Sorry!) Yeh so we all know you can play as Mario.... (BIG DEAL!) Ever heard of Luigi? He is Mario's younger brother! And he is much cooler! Well I know how to play as him!!!!

1. Turn on your ds and go on to New Super Mario Bros.
2. Select "Mario Game"
3. Before you select your file eg. file 1 hover over it and press L and R and A then you should here a little voice say "Luigi"

There you go enjoy playing as Luigi!
Save Anywhere
When beating the final castle at world 8. When you restart, the save option will be added into the pause menu.
Secret 1up
In stage 6-2, to the right of the red coin ring, there is a palm tree in the background. Once the water rises, jump. There should be a secret block containing a 1up. If it doesn't come out, keep jumping until it comes out. Do this over and over for more 1ups.
Star Unlockables
On the file screen there are certain stars next to your file, they give you stuff

the first star gives save in your start menu, and also give you a background house in world 1-1, in order to unlock it, you have to beat the game once

the second star makes it so the toad houes can never be destoyed, to get that, you must beat all level

the third star gives you the last background, for this you have to get 10 million score total

yeah I know the third one is hard to get, but this background is so good that its worth it

Note:You dont have to get these stars in a piticular order