Spider-Man: Battle for New York allows players to take on the role of their favorite Marvel Super Hero, Spider-Man, and one of his famed nemeses, Green Goblin, in an original storyline which builds upon their legendary comic book rivalry. For the first time in a handheld Spider-Man game, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance players can personalize their experiences by choosing what abilities and powers to upgrade and when, such as Spider-Man's web maneuvers or Green Goblin's fire attacks, as they progress through the game. Playing as both good and evil, gamers will experience levels packed with frenzied action, in-depth combat and a host of unique super moves as they embark on the ultimate quest to save New York City from almost certain disaster.


  • Battle as Spider-Man and Green Goblin. As the heroic Spider-Man, you must use some fancy web work, quick Spidey reflexes and acrobatic assaults to defeat the evil characters plaguing the city. Then become the demonic, beastly nemesis Green Goblin, and wreak havoc around town on a quest for revenge.
  • Customise each character's combat ability. As you journey through different levels, you can personalise the game experience, like never before, by choosing which abilities to improve in Green Goblin and Spider-Man. From Spider-Man's enhanced web slings to more devastating attacks by Green Goblin, this is a uniquely customisable experience.
  • Execute special moves. In the battle for control of the city, your new special moves will make all the difference. To protect New York as Spider-Man, unleash potent web whips, spin-kicks, crouch kicks and other cool manoeuvres. As Green Goblin, terrorise different parts of the Big Apple with ferocious fireballs and a full-body shield of flame.

This game is also known as Spider-Man Origins: Battle for New York in Europe.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Nov 14, 2006
  • Europe:
    • Jan 12, 2007 (GBA)
    • Dec 1, 2006 (DS)
  • Australia: Dec 13, 2006
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