Road Trip (PS2) Cheats

Road Trip cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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1st team, goodie!
This is short, for ur 1st team, get the person in peach farms and james 2 join ur team!(They're very good till like 75% of the whole story, give games the best accel and the blue truck, the best speed.)
Coin Rewards
Horse Body: 10 Coins
Pumpkin Body: 20 Coins
Snail Body: 30 Coins
Ladybug Body: 40 Coins
Big Tires: 50 Coins
X3 Steering Wheel: 60 Coins
Hyper Gear: 70 Coins
Hyper Chassis: 80 Coins
Metal Pad: 90 Coins
Hyper Engine: 100 Coins
How to get Jet Turbine
When you find a man named Mr. Sanako in papaya island, he will tell you that you have to find his daughter. His daughter would be near the papu tree, but close to casa's house. she is a green car. talk to her, and then go back to mr. sanako's house. talk to him again, and then he will give you a jet turbine.
Millionaires safe
To open the millionaires safe in white mountion, visit his 4 sons and you'll see on the wall are so many fish in a certain colour.
IF their are 3 fish in red, then the number for red is 3 and so on.
Quick Money
Go to Sand Polis' Q's factory. Save you game there. Now drive to the big yellow building which you can play Roulette. Pick, red or black or if you feel lucky, pick a number. Risk as much as you want, although the game limits you to 10,000 at any given time. If you get the right thing, it will be easy money, If you lose, just go back to Q's Factory and press quit without saving. Then re-do it all.
to get the speed max
to get the speed max engine only thing you have to do is race with 2 team mates and come in 1st 2nd and 3rd for about 10 or 11 races
Train Body
First you need to find the guy that makes the Q rally in "my city". When you have found him go to "my city" and enter the Q rally. It doesn't matter how long you take to complete it, you will always recieve a train body at the end.
When your stamps are completed.....
On Cloud Hill, there is a guy who says he'll give you something when you complete your stamp collection. He sits by the house that you start the Rainbow Jump. Once you have all the stamps, go talk to him and he will give you the Devil set.
This consists of the Devil Engine, Devil Spokes, Devil Tires, and the Devil Meter. The Devil Engine has a power of 3000 and uses no fuel, and combined with the Devil Tires, you wont need that Jet Turbine. The Devil Spokes are wheel rims that have skulls on them, I'm not really sure if they serve any purpose though.


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Fan Club
This is a cool thing but nothing important. Once you get a good engine and you are smoking everyone, and you also have your garage, someone is going to start a fan club about you. This is quite cool since you get many e-mails that say like, "great job in the last race"!
Finding Teamates
At first this might seem hard since all of your parts are really bad. Save up to buy an engine that has somewhere around 250-300 Power. Once you have that, start racing races. If you win enough, and you bump into people, they will ask you can they join your racing team.
Millionaire's Safe
In White Mountain, near the frozen lake, if you open his safe, he will give you a coin radar. If youvisit each of his son's houses, just count the colored fishes. The combo though is 8 red, 3 blue, 6 orange, and 1 red.
RS Engine
This is the 3rd best engine priced at 16,000. If you can't afford that, go to "My City" and there is a game called "Which Way Race" If you complete it in the given time, you will get the RS Engine.
If you go to the house near the Windmills in Peach Town, he will ask how many there are. It's quite though to count so why not just take the answer from here? There are a total of 22 windmills.