Resident Evil 4 review
Resident Evil 4 - Possibly the best game ever.

The good:

Great gameplay, awesome dialogue, suspense filled storyline and gameplay, great weapons, believable deaths, all around a great game.

The bad:

Not long enough, not enough story.


This game is by far, on my "Arik's Top Five Games", along with Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and God of War, this game is superb. The gameplay only lasted me a mere four hours when I ran through it but when I took my time, I lasted much longer than that. I believe I'm on my fifth time around and I'm guessing I have around twenty-eight hours on the game. The story is simple too.

You start as Leon Kennedy, a Federal Agent that is sent on a mission to retrieve the President daugther, Ashley, from the hands of certain death.

On things leads to another and Leon Kennedy turns into a super badass, with gymnastic moves and goddamn sweet knife skills he saves the day. I'm not going into too much detail because then that leaves the storyline spoiled for you, and if you're reading this review that means either one of two things, you have already played the game and you want to know others take on it or you haven't played the game and you want others opinions on it so you know how it is.

Just some advice, play it, you will feel better about yourself. Jesus will love you more. If you don't play it you're certain you die a horrible death and you'll never be accepted to Heaven.

*Note: All my comments about Heaven and Hell or whatnot are stricly sarcastic, I don't really think that if you don't play Resident Evil 4 you will go to Hell, and anything offensive or otherwise rude is not meant to harm your feelings.

*Note: What I've said above isn't true, if you don't play Resident Evil 4 you WILL go to Hell and you'll be hated by Jesus.

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Demonic Sword Jun 26, 07
how can you say this game is short?????!!!! it has a very obvious and clear storyline the game is only short for speed runners or if you have mastered it you can get half done in a day but i really think its plenty long for people who have just started especially if you take your time to really explore baisicly your reveiw is ok but dont say something about a game if you only did a speed run which leads to a confusieng and weird veiw of an actually awesome story
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