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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters


Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters is the first R&C game to come to the PSP with a reasonable and acceptable story which is focused around a little girl name Luna who is kidnapped whilst talking to Ratchet as she was trying to get photos of her heroes in action, they (Ratchet), decide it is only there right to go on and save her from the people who have kidnapped her.

This adventure brings them going through 8 new worlds with there own unique future design with great detail ranging from a desert/mountain range to a beach and even more. The worlds have around the same amount of space in them as previous R&C games, so you get to spend a good amount of time there.

The weapons that you are able to use in this game have new and old friends to the collection from previous games as well as the weapons being able to be upgradable. These weapons range from Agents to Static Barrier to Acid Gun to PDA (which allow you to buy ammo where ever you are in the galaxy). The upgrades to these weapons which grow by defeating enemies, make the weapons more powerful with many new features and add ons to the them. You are also able to buy from Vendor to buy even more upgrades like in previous R&C games.

The armour is a new detailed aspect of this game, as instead of being 2, 3, 4 or little in previous game they have added to these. There are now 7 with there own look and design and there own level of protection. But something else they have added to these if each suit allow a new ability that Ratchet can use, for example The Wildfire armour allow enemy to be caught on fire when attacking.

The graphics in the game, up to date and really good. They look just as good as the first R&C game and arguable to be just as good as the second. With the graphics they have also added scenes into the game with more powerful and detail graphics, just a shame you could not play like this. The main thing that stands out for me with the graphics is the detail they have focused on with the backgrounds of the worlds especially Pokitaru (The beach level). The detail towards boxes, enemies are reasonably good with not many misplaced lines, if there are you just ignore them easily.

The controls I found to be really good, well lay-ed out with many of the previous console buttons the same. Though the right analogue stick is not there unlike on the Ps2 they have used the Left and Right 2 buttons to move the camera around, this have come to a good effect and really easy to control.

Being Clank have been re added into this game which I have found to be really enjoyable though he is only able to do the same things that he has been doing in the past, becoming big and also controlling the minor robots around to do things for him. Though they did build on this for a instance as you can at certain times user Clank to help Ratchet say when opening a door, Clank jumps into a suit and starts firing at enemies to not attack Ratchet which I personally found to be good build on using him.

The enemy's were as always a good add to the game, there was a good range that were added through out the game and also the idea of when 1 enemy was defeated for another to generate from its corpse was really good.

The mini games that are in the game are small but a reasonable range offered, 3 of the 4 involve Clank as they are called "Clank Challange" where you have to solve puzzles in time limits, and also 2 Robot War based games and also the one involving Ratchet called "Skyboard Challange" in which you had to race on a hover board against other racers on reasonably hard tracks and courses.

The extras/specials like in past R&C games offer you to add certain Cheats like Big Head Mode, Skins that you can buy collection Titanium Bolts, Skill points that you can earn by doing certain tasks, Cinematics so you can watch all scenes again and you can also review you Armour Sets that you have collected all of.

As a whole sum up for myself though, I have found this game to have a simple but yet enjoyable story. Though I found the game to be short it still had loads of hours of enjoyment to offer you with some of the best gaming graphics on the console that I have so far seen comparing it to likes of the Ps1 and 2 graphics. I really did enjoy the mini games and the range of weapons. If you are new to the game you can still enjoy it to a whole level. There is no drag ons from previous game except for "Qwark", a failed hero basically.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helped.

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