Pokémon Pearl Unlockables

how to get a togepi/ditto [NATIONAL DEX NEEDED]
how to find ditto and togepi+ evolutions!!!!!
UnlockableHow to unlock
DITTO-go to route 218 and use a max repel[you might need more than one]and then use pokeradar- remember that it might not be the very first pokemon to pop up, but dont give up just yet!!!
TOGEPI-go to route 230 and use a max repel[you will need more than one in most cases]then use pokeradar- it wont be the first to pop up- i promise you that- and it will take a while- you also may need a gold card, but i dont really know for sure, togepi will be ALOT harder to find than ditto- good luck!!!
EVOLUTIONS!!!obviously ditto cant evolve... but togepi can! make it happy during the early morning or early afternoon and lvl it up, then it will evolve into a togetic- then use a shiny stone and it will evolve into a togekiss!!!