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Parasite Eve II cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Parasite Eve II cheat codes.

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Parasite Eve II Cheats

Bounty mode:
Successfully complete the game with any ending to unlock bounty mode. Note: This also unlocks replay mode.

Scavenger (supportless) mode:
Successfully complete the game with the good ending to unlock scavenger mode.

Nightmare (deadly) mode:
Successfully complete the game in scavenger mode game to unlock nightmare mode.

GunBlade weapon:
Successfully complete the game with a S rank to use Squall's GunBlade weapon from Final Fantasy 8 when the game is played in Replay mode for 10,000 BP. Press R1 to swing it at an opponent, then press R2 to shoot when it hits an opponent. Note: This weapon uses shotgun ammunition.

Super GunBlade slash:
Unlock the GunBlade and use the following trick to slash the target and execute the hyper velocity attack. Press Primary Attack. When the blade reaches near impact press Secondary Attack. This will execute an explosive attack creating further damage to the target. To strengthen this technique, use different kinds of ammunition. The stronger the ammunition, the more damage the attack will do.

Hyper Velocity weapon:
Successfully complete the game with an A rank. The Hyper Velocity weapon will be available in Replay mode for 20,000 BP.

Monk Robe:
Successfully complete the game with an L rank. The Monk Robe armor will be available in Replay mode for 3,000 BP.

Rating requirements:

Successfully complete the game with one of the following ratings and EXP scores to unlock the corresponding bonus items in the shops for purchase:

Rating Experience Bonus Items
S<400,001GunBlade, Ringer's Solution, Eau de Toilette
A200,001 - 400,001Hyper Velocity, Hunter goggles, MP Boost 2
B75,001 - 200,000MM1, Airburst Grenades, Recovery 3
C72,001 - 75,000M249, .44 MaedaSP Rounds, Cola
D69,001 - 72,000.44 Mongoose, Magnum Rounds, Skull Crystal
E66,001 - 69,000AS12, R.Slug Rounds, firefly Rounds
F62,001 - 66,000Aya Special, 9mm Spartan Rounds, Lucky Card
G57,001 - 62,001Javelin, MD Player, Holy Water
H51,001 - 57,000Pike, Lipstick, Tactical Armor
I44,001 - 51,000Hammer, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 1
J16,001 - 44,000M203, Protein Capsule, 9mm Hydra
K14,511 - 16,000M9 Bayonet, M4A1 M Clip, Flare
L>14,510Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, Recovery 2

Rating bonuses:

You will be rewarded with a rating boost when completing the following modes.

Bounty mode: 1 extra rating level
Scavenger mode: 2 extra rating levels
Nightmare mode: 3 extra rating levels


Save attachment slots in your armor:
Attach your reloaded weapon. If your weapon runs out of ammo in battle, just fire and the weapon will reload automatically with the ammo you just last reloaded.


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Bonus Cut Scene
To get an optional bonus scene with Kyle, go into the G & R Saloon after turning the gasoline over to Mr. Douglas to see Kyle getting plastered at the bar.
Game Passwords
Bridge Panel: 561
Bronco Master Key: 3033
Flood Gate: 18
Full Moon Gate: 15
Greater Stranger
There is an easy way to win your first boss fight with the woman who transforms in the cafeteria in Akropolis Tower. Simply retreat, run behind the round table near the window and blast at the creature at your leisure while it tries to walk through the table to get at you.
Hidden Messages
There is a series of four hidden messages in the game that you MUST read in order to be able to open up the safe in the Dryfield Motel Loft. Here are where to find the messages.

1: Bathroom across from dumpster, where you saw the sick girl transform. It's on the wall near the doorway.

2: Underpass storage room, where the card table is. Make sure the light to the room is OFF so that the glowing message shows up. It's around the corner on the side of the barrels near the chest.

3: Bottom right hand corner of the small passage prior to the No. 9 fight in the Dryfield dilapidated house.

4: Room 4 of Dryfield Motel at night, in the bathroom on the mirror.

After you've found them all, head up to the loft storage room and enter 4487 into the safe to recieve the Holy Water.
Hot Zone Alert!
A tip to knowing whether or not an area is populated with Neo-Mitochondrian creatures is as easy as looking at your map. Any area with monsters in it will be colored red. Be sure to keep re-checking your map when you enter new areas or situations to see if any of these hot spots light back up. This is especially useful if you're trying to rack up a lot of Bounty Points.
Hotel Strongbox
The code of 4 digits is 4487. When it opens, you obtain the holy water (useful for the earth powers).
How to solve pyramid puzzle to back of power plant in Neo Ark
You must step on these colors in these steps. red, yellow, blue, white, blue white, red, yellow, white, blue, yellow, and red.
In-Game Reset
Press Start + Select + R1 + R2+ L1 + L2 during game.
Let Sleeping Dogs... DIE?!
Depending on how fast you defeat the Burner Boss in Dryfield vastly affects your entire game!

If you defeat the Burner quickly, you will gain twice as much experience as well as 1000 BP and 100 MP. After the fight, talk to Gary twice to recieve the Truck Key and a bonus weapon as a reward.

However, if you don't defeat the Burner quickly enough, then you won't recieve any BP or MP. The worst thing about this is that Flint the dog will die! This surprisingly affects many things later on in the game. After the fight, Gary will only give you the Truck Key and a lesser piece of armor as a reward. The other, far-reaching penalties of Flint dying is that he will not be able to lead you to Pierce in Dryfield when he needs rescuing, and he won't be able to lead you to the blind soldier from the army camp at the laboratory which would end up getting you access to the army weapons truck, nor would you get the bonus item attached to his collar when Mr. Douglas sends him your way!

So you see, defeating the Burner quickly is the best way to go. If Flint dies, all you get is the Chicken Plate. If Flint lives, you get a crapload of bonus items and bonus side quest help.
Modes description.
Replay Mode: You get to keep the BP and EXP you earned last game. Items and Parasite Energies are also cheaper. Enemies take half of the damage as normal.

Bounty Mode: Your BP and EXP are higher than normal, but lower than in Replay Mode. The Golems Appear Faster And Inflict double damage.

Scavenger Mode: You inflict half the damage as normal and enemies to double damage.

Nightmare Mode: You start with 50 HP and 30 MP. You inflict 20% of your normal damage on enemies.
Security Camera
The security camera in Akropolis Tower has six buttons. Here is a list of what each camera will view.

Button One: Current camera, west elevator hall.
Button Two: East elevator hall, SWAT officer missing.
Button Three: Rupert, crossing into another area.
Button Four: SWAT officer fiddling with something under a statue.
Button Five: View of heliport catwalk.
Button Six: View of Observatory.
Shooting Gallery
Depending on how well you do during the Shooting Gallery practice range determines what, if any special items you get. You must try for these items in the first stage of the game because it's the only chance you'll get. It's a good place to practice, as well as a good chance to get some extra Bounty Points.


Score 8000 / BP 100 / Item (None)
Score 9000 / BP 200 / Item (50 Hydra Rounds)
Score 10,000 / BP 300 / Item (50 Hydra Rounds)


Score 16,000 / BP 100 / Item (None)
Score 16,800 / BP 200 / Item (Ringer Solution)
Score 17,400 / BP 300 / Item (Ringer Solution)


Score 39,000 / BP 100 / Item (None)
Score 46,000 / BP 200 / Item (Hunter Goggles)
Score 50,000 / BP 300 / Item (Hunter Goggles)


Score 52,000 / BP 100 / Item (None)
Score 56,000 / BP 200 / Item (None)
Score 60,000 / BP 300 / Item (Lipstick)


Score 50,000 / BP 100 / Item (None)
Score 53,000 / BP 200 / Item (None)
Score 55,000 / BP 300 / Item (Shoulder Holster)
Squaresoft Cameos
When inside the bar/grill at Dryfield, you can catch two Squaresoft items. Inside the bathroom on the lower right corner is a poster for Parasite Eve II with a picture of Aya! Second, to the left of the bathroom is a pinball machine of Ergheiz, another Square title.
Visitor Program Answers
When inside the shelter trying to gain access to the visitor computer, first enter the passcode A3EILM2S2Y to open up the main menu. Then head down to D) Visitor Program. The computer will prompt you with three random quiz questions. The following is a cheat sheet on the correct answers for the questions:

H. Klamp
Melissa Pierce
Mojave Desert
Mitochondria Eve
Maternal Gene