Neoseeker : News : Capcom VP Christian Svensson assures reevaluation of on-disc DLC
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Abyss Raider May 16, 12
If it's on the Disc it's NOT additional. It's already there, so we shouldn't have to pay extra or have to preorder to be guaranteed a piece of content. We BUY the disc, meaning we are purchasing everything that is on that disc, so we should be getting it from the get-go. Stop trying to make it sound like you're doing us a favor, Capcom.
I'm guilty of purchasing Dragon's Dogma, so I'm aware that I'm not helping in the fight against this on-disc "exclusive" content, but still... If they're serious about future games not having this stuff, I'll be happy, if they're actually working toward ridding of this (when it shouldn't have begun in the first place,) then I will apologize for my attitude toward this topic.
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EvilTediz597 May 16, 12
They should also re-evaluate selling full games instead of multiple editions.
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DedValve May 16, 12
Wait didn't they just say a short while ago that there was no difference between disc locked content and dlc?

GG Capcom. Perhaps now you will find new and inventive way to take players money right under their nose.
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Crafter May 16, 12
"2012 Capcom strategic DLC distribution re-evalution results:


Everything is fine as it is. Carry on."
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