Neoseeker : News : Max Payne 3 DLC plans announced with details on Rockstar DLC pass
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ashantiqua May 1, 12
My favorite part of max payne 2 was a cheat where you could not only slow down time without using 'bullet time', but you could change max paynes player model to any npc found in the game. Youd then be able to play any level as say, a swat team member, or a naked mona. Itd use the npcs animations too for everything including walking, running, shooting etc so a lot of player models felt a lot different than if you played with the max payne model.

It was just fun to come up with your own backstory for the character you were using and slow all time down to a crawl and watch all the bullets and shells fly everywhere. And in the old max paynes, every single shell would stay in the world and not disappear. I hope they keep that too.
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