I started playing computer games when I was about nine, and videogames win I was twelve so there is a lot about the tech world that I do not know I have six or seven friends that I play videogames with, but every so often we turn of the TV and talk about our lives. (Not necessarily because we want to of course) I like to think of my self as a good listener decent counselor, I am probably not what you would call a normal kid. I have been home schooled most of my life and my parents are always moving around the county so my social skills are not the best. As a matter of fact face to face I am somewhat shy. My mom stays at home and helps my younger sister Anna and me with school and my dad teaches public speaking at a college. That explains all the moves. When I am not packing or unpacking all my junk you can usually find me playing my PS2 my gameboy advance or reading a good book. As far as sisters go mine is ok she is eleven years old and kind of on the hyper side. She is anything but stupid even though she is a blond (could some clue me in here) her memory is better than mine but she can over look some very obvious things. My mom is cool for a mom and she lets me do just about what ever I want (as long as it is not rated R M or is stupid reckless or harmful) she works at home most of the time and when she is not there my dad is. My dad he likes to bug us (me and my sister) and is very good at it. (Call it a hobby) when he is not annoying us he is at work but for someone with a PhD he sure likes to goof around. I was born in phoenix AZ and after seven moves we ended up in here in Ohio don’t ask me how. My feelings about moving are mixed but as Adrian monk once said “I do not have a problem with change as long as I am not there when I happens” I usually hang out around the battlefront lord of the rings or megaman battle network 5 threads. So with out further ado "fare ye well were ever you fare". Gandalf


megaman battlefront lord of the rings asidefrom videogames I like to play bordgames and enjoy a good book or riddle. I am only fourteen and dont know too much about computers but would like to learn.


I am typing this to say good by. I will no longer be checking on this or any fourms any more. I consider my time with you to be well spent but I must be going. I see now that I can no longer hide in my computer and video games and must be going. Good by.
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