I'm a martail artisit on the advenced level, hince my name "Raging tiger" as given to me by my master. I am a reviewer that does not sugarcoat ANYTHING, I will not mindlessly throw out perfect scores everywhere becuase very few games deserve a 5. But one gaming series I KNOW will rock is zelda, hensing me being a zelda freak.

Flames will either be ignored, blown off or (if you really get to me and only then) I'll reply to a flame, other than that, you're wasting your time flaming me becuase I'll just ignore you, or make you look like a complete idiot (and I'm good at that).

I'm a sonic fan,yes. But I will say in my opinion most of the Sonic fanbase consist of complete idiots.

I WILL treat other peoples opinions with the up most respect, I will never call anybody stupid or not like them just becuase they don't like something I like. That what this site is for: to share opinions.


Movies, games, anime....pie.
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Review: Pokémon Stadium - What is the point of this?

Feb 15, 2004

Let's start this review off with a comment that sums up the game: Pokemon stadium is nothing more than attempt to gain cash by nintendo, it's nothing but RPG battles that are stripped of any stratagy at all. Whew. When I got the game, I was...

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