Sep 12, 09 3:59am
Back... but still busy busy busy...
Aug 10, 09 3:22pm
Away till September 4th
Aug 2, 09 7:12am
Only have two more trophies to go - Jigsaw + Shotgun & 8 Player Trophies... Should have one of the two by tomorrow... ThePunisherNoMercy
Aug 2, 09 5:22am
Definitely not my favourite game, though fortunately, have found someone that is helping me boost with him... no 8 Player Trophy though ThePunisherNoMercy
Aug 2, 09 5:21am
Crap, tomorrows going to be one hell of a long day with my Multiplayer Matches in an attempt to get the GTAIV Online Trophies... GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 2, 09 2:15am
Oh and haven't got 100% in trophies though... Multiplayer Trophies still to be done... need to draw up a plan of action for it... GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 2, 09 1:00am
Wohoo... Finally got 100% in a GTA game Got the last of the blimmin Pigeons, and two Trophies to boot GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 1, 09 4:31pm
Done another 12.... only got 38 more to go and I should have two more trophies and only online trophies to go... GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 1, 09 6:06am
Decided to get 6 of them to make it a round number.only have 25% of the Pigeons to exterminate now. Can't wait till I get the last one 2moro GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 1, 09 5:49am
Done quite a few in the last few days, only have 56 more to go, thinking of getting them all now rather than tomorrow... GrandTheftAuto4
Jul 30, 09 8:51am
Loving the New Profiles Changes!!!
Jul 30, 09 2:05am
Okay, it's been exactly two months, and after platinuming R2, I'm back with GTAIV and Pigeons... 5 more done, so thats 70/200 exterminated. GrandTheftAuto4
Jul 30, 09 12:44am
Jul 29, 09 6:40pm
This I swear, has been the longest 100 kills of my entire R2 Online mode... took me two hours compared to my usual hour... ah well... Resistance2
Jul 29, 09 6:24am
Well, I've decided to finish off early today, and it's early considering the previous timings of my posts... anyway I've now got 9600 kills Resistance2
Jul 28, 09 7:34am
9007 kills done, just 993 more to go. Was hoping for Tuesday, but may end up being Wednesday now that I get the trophy. Don't want to rush. Resistance2
Krunal blogged
Jul 27, 09 6:27am

Hey All,

Being on holiday has meant that I'm more able to make use of my £400 investment, i.e. the Playstation 3, and with it I've learnt one thing, and that is that even though there exists, a feature on the Playstation 3 known as Text Chat, people still insist on sending Messages with the message in the title, and the actual message box being blank.

The reason for this is simple, when someone sends a message, the person that is receiving it will be notified that he's just got a message, with the subject of the message appearing at the top right hand corner. This means that they have 'essentially' instantly read the message. A great way to do it... but there are problems, and the biggest being the word limit for the subject, which is far too small to be able to say anything major... and if you still want to say something major, you'll have to send multiple messages, and believe me, a lot of people do just that.

This is where I believe that Text Chat, a feature which was introduced in the 2.70 update is quite underused. And I'm here to try and get more people to use that, rather than sending messages in the subject line, with 'blank' messages.

How will I do that? Well, lets see... firstly how to set up a Text Chat:
  1. Press Triangle on Friends Name
  2. Press to Start New Chat
  3. Select Text Chat
  4. Enter Name of 'Chat Room' (Optional)
Now that you're set up, your friend will be notified that you've invited them for a Text Chat. They then just go to Chats in the main menu (above Messages) and join in on the chat.

However, lets say they don't immediately go to the chat to view the actual chat... what you don't know is that any message that you type into the Chat, will be displayed to the person receiving it, in the same way, as if you were to send them a message, with the message being in the subject box. I.e. they'd get a pop-up telling them that you've sent them a message and what the message is. And the best thing is that the Character Limit is slightly higher (though not by much).

Now say you want to organise something between yourself and a friend, now all you need to do is just start the chat, go into the chat, and then press the PS button to get back to your game as normal. Now any message he types will appear on your screen and vice versa, and if you want to reply, you need only press the PS button and start typing. Much faster than finding the friend on your friends list, pressing triangle and then selecting Start New Message, followed by editing the Subject....

So as you can see, Text Chats have far more uses than ordinary Message Sending, so start using the Text Chat and enjoy the benefits that it brings. Oh and before I go, I think I should also say that, unlike messages, you can have multiple participants in a Text Chat, making it easier as a group or clan to talk to each other whilst playing a game, till Audio Chat whilst in game is released.

Hope this little tutorial/awakening has been helpful, be sure to leave feedback below.

playstation 3 gaming related playstation ps3 chat
Jul 27, 09 5:53am
Another day, another 800 kills, well 865 to be exact. Am now sitting at 8520, will see if I can get it by tuesday (doing 740 both days) Resistance2
Jul 27, 09 2:15am
Wohoo, on a roll at the moment, had another 41 kill Skirmish... making getting to 10,000 kills easier I guess... Resistance2
Jul 27, 09 12:32am
Bah, I hate it when you kill 3 enemies, but it only counts 1 Just had that happen to me :'( Resistance2

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