Deabeat Ever Faith
Mar 30, 05 4:55am
hey hey Ever Faith congrats for the WMXXI thread!!! i hope you have lots and lots of great.... modding... anyway have a beautiful stamp...

take care and good luck!
jespomo Ever Faith
Mar 27, 05 10:13pm
Hey there Ever Faith

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
static_puzzle Ever Faith
Mar 27, 05 5:21am
I wanted to moderate the Wrestlemania XXI forum . Oh well, congratulations. Here is my stamp:

Please stamp/sign back.
Sinner Ever Faith
Feb 15, 05 5:46pm

The least you could do is sign back.

VulcanRaven Ever Faith
Jan 8, 05 12:28am
Signing spree!
You've been stamped.

Please sign back!
puppabear Ever Faith
Jan 5, 05 5:23pm
Since you made my banner I've decided to sign your Guestbook, I would have a stamp but being as dumb as I am I don't know how to make one *hint**hint*. Nah just forget about that. Remember Stay in SCHOOL
Parable Ever Faith
Jan 1, 05 10:59am
Just cause i felt like it... here's a stamp for your guestbook:

alphatyrone Ever Faith
Dec 21, 04 6:22am
I believe I saw you in the Kotor II forums. Then I decided to come here and say hello.

DQ Maniac Ever Faith
Dec 15, 04 7:06am
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

ctrl Ever Faith
Dec 13, 04 10:15pm

Just swinging through.
Great Nosferatu Ever Faith
Dec 12, 04 9:31pm
Drunk our get Laid?The choice is yours , and if you don't sign my Guestbook i'll put the option get bitchslapped with it too!!

LordMaChao Ever Faith
Dec 11, 04 12:12am
No cookie for you, didn't say the words Robert Frost.
Great Nosferatu Ever Faith
Dec 10, 04 10:47pm
Stamped by your Friend Great Nosferatu !I hope to see you on fable forum again.Plz sign mine back!
Dark Elite Ever Faith
Dec 3, 04 7:15am
*scratches head*, well I'll just sign right here, and mark my territory, lol, I hope this is enough characters. ok it isn't enough, it should be enough now.
xshadow Ever Faith
Nov 8, 04 12:19am
thanx for signing man just signing back man
DQ Maniac Ever Faith
Oct 31, 04 6:56am
Pip Ever Faith
Oct 29, 04 10:18pm
Hey, seen ya in the Star Wars Episode III forum, so I thought I'd come by and sign your g/book. Well anyhoo catch ya later and mind and sign back.....

DQ Maniac Ever Faith
Oct 10, 04 3:39am
DQ Maniac Ever Faith
Oct 2, 04 5:26pm
Dark Elite Ever Faith
Jul 31, 04 5:47am
Sorry for laughing before

well I have a new stamp here

Dark Elite Ever Faith
May 16, 04 9:07am
Sorry for laughing but you've got no entries so I shall sign your guest book but you MUST sign back!!!! so ..... yeah ..... I don't have much to say.