I have been a member on neo since October 10, 2004. I want to be a moderator eventually. WHAT ELSE?!

Games I play:
- Grandia
- Grandia 2 (just started playing)
- Pandemonium
- Star Wars: Mysteries of the Sith
- The Legend of the Dragoon (just started playing this too.)
- Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Games I want to play:
- Halo
- Halo 2
- Killzone

Music I like:
- D12 (you can probably tell from my current banner.)
- Eminem
- Limp Bizkit
- Linkin Park (before they went insane and let JayZ in their band)
- Nelly
- Good Charolette
- Metallica
- Korn

TV shows I watch:
- Who's Line is it anyway?
- Ed, Edd and Eddy
- Fear Factor
- Family Guy
- Scare Tactics
- Futurama (sometimes)
- Krank Yankers
or whatever else is on.

Movies I like:
- The Grudge
- The Chronicles of Riddick
- The Ring
- Hellboy
- The Cell
- Liar Liar
- The Haunting
- Star Wars (all of them)
- The Day After Tomorrow
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
- Bruce Almighty
- Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
- Mrs. Doubtfire
- The Shining (the newer one)
- The Cable Guy
- Red Planet
- The Blair Witch Project
- Titan A.E.
- 8 Mile
- The Lord of the Rings (all of them)
- Mean Girls (yeah, I admit it.)
- The Matrix (all of them)

- Bl3nd3r
- dl4everbsdlight
- Doctor Constipation
- Drew Gooden
- Gothic Girl
- PyroPsycho24
- Short Circuit
- The Arabian Princess
- the_great_milenko

Favorite Foods:
- Papa John's Cheese Pizza
- Idaho's Famous Potatoes!!!!
- Noodle Soup
- McDonalds
- Green Beans
- Spaghetti (think i spelled it wrong)
- Chicken
- Turkey
- Corn

That is pretty much it. PM me if you want. You can sign My Guestbook if you want to too.


I am interested in music, girls, sleeping, acting, destruction, explosions.... You know. The usual.

Just see the Bio for a more realistic answer.


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Review: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - a GREAT game with Kyle Katarn

Dec 24, 2004

GREAT game. it had an awsome storyline, and it was easy to play. i mean it didn't take me long to learn the controls or the story. this is overall one of the best games i've ever played. i would really recommend this game to a star wars person. i...

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