Last 10 Threads started by Cero
People Playing Video Game Music 8 Sep 18, 2013
Movies required to be seen at least once. 121 Oct 28, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXXVI/187} Hurry Up 441 Apr 14, 2010
Kinetics [No PM] [T] - Let's try this again! *Full* 79 Apr 09, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXXVI/186} Shame. *Accepting 1* 437 Apr 03, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXXV/185} Hacking <3 *accepting 3* 442 Mar 22, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXXIV/184} The Battle Within Begins *accepting 1* 437 Mar 14, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXXIII/183} Define "normal" 440 Mar 04, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXX/180} 20 threads left, we can do it! 447 Feb 14, 2010
Swords of Chaos {Thread CLXXIX/179} We're accepting none *Accepting None* 440 Feb 09, 2010
Last 10 Threads in which Cero participated
Tales of Zestiria returns to fantasy roots (with dragons), announced for release worldwide in 2014 22 Dec 18, 2013
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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX announced, updates Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep for PS3 15 Oct 14, 2013
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Anyone else notice how weird the Assassins Creed forum has gotten 67 Oct 05, 2013
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Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS huge roster get, as Sonic the Hedgehog joins the battle again 23 Oct 01, 2013
F is for Friends (v2) 70 Sep 19, 2013
Game that should have had sequels 64 Sep 16, 2013
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