[edit] Background

It's Mario Kart tag-team style, with one character behind the wheel and the second chucking turtle shells, banana peels, and whatever else comes along courtesy of those spinning, question-marked power-up containers. You can switch drivers on the fly, and there's a whole new layer of depth to the combat-racing metagame.

[edit] Gameplay

Players race as their favorite Nintendo Charecters. Do anything to make it to first place or stay in first place. Use items and weapons to take down your opponents. Mix and match both charecters and the kart wisely and make for the perfect racing team.

[edit] Features

  • Pick a partner and race through wild courses as you compete in tough races and duke it out in battle arenas.
  • Choose from a huge cast of classic characters, such as: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong and many more.
  • Foes...or friends? In Co-op mode, one player drives and the other punches, kicks, steals items, and helps out with turbo boosts!
  • All-new modes! Race your pals or duke it out in one of 3 hectic multiplayer battle modes—Balloon Battle, Shine Thief, and Bob-Omb Blast!
  • Items galore! Beyond classic items like homing Red Shells and Mushrooms, each character can use unique special items like a giant Chain Chomp!
  • Get connected! Link up Nintendo GameCube systems using Broadband Adapters (sold separately) for wild LAN races and battles!

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Broadband Adapter - Required to connect the GameCube to a LAN. LAN Mode in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! can connect up to 4 GameCubes and support a 16 player multiplayer.

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Latest Activity

Feb 25, 15 12:23pm
Such a great game for when friends come over. Gets very competitive after awhile. MarioKartDoubleDash
Jul 23, 12 9:30pm
the best mariokart in my opinion. very cool and fun to play. MarioKartDoubleDash
nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 5:01am
the best mario kart game by far where your friends can work with you or against you MarioKartDoubleDash
Nov 2, 10 4:32pm
Oct 22, 10 8:00am
Second best. Racing Game. EVAR. MarioKartDoubleDash
Jul 21, 10 10:21am
3/5 MarioKartDoubleDash
Jul 16, 10 3:31pm
Best racing game of all time... MarioKartDoubleDash
Murray 10
Apr 8, 10 4:52am
I use my snaking MKDS fingers but I still suck MarioKartDoubleDash
Apr 5, 10 4:12pm
It's okay MarioKartDoubleDash
Jan 4, 10 8:43am
9.5/10 MarioKartDoubleDash
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