Madden NFL '99 Cheats

Madden NFL '99 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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High stepping into the end zone
When you are within 10 yards of the end zone simply press Triangle to high step your way into the end zone.


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Always win the coin toss
To always win the coin toss repeatedly press L1 + R1 + Start before the team captains meet with the referee.
Bonus stadiums
All of these should be entered at the code screen.

Enter EA_STADIUM to unlock the EA Sports stadium.
Enter OURHOUSE to unlock the Tiburon stadium.
Enter DOGPOUND99 to unlock the Cleveland stadium.
Enter NOTAFISH to unlock the Original Miami stadium.
Enter SOMBRERO to unlock the Original Tampa stadium.
Enter STICKEM to unlock the Original Oakland stadium.
Enter FOR_RENT to unlock the Astrodome stadium.
Bonus Teams
All of these should be entered at the code screen.

Enter BESTNFC to unlock the NFC Pro Bowl team.
Enter AFCBEST to unlock the AFC Pro Bowl team.
Enter BOOM to unlock the All-Madden team.
Enter IMTHEMAN to unlock All-Time Stat Leaders team.
Enter PEACELOVE to unlock the 60s Greats team.
Enter BELLBOTTOMS to unlock the 70s Greats team.
Enter HEREANDNOW to unlock the 90s Greats team.
Enter TURKEYLEG to unlock the All-Time Greats team.
Enter THROWBACK to unlock the 75th Anniversary team.
Enter GEARGUYS to unlock the NFL Equipment Team.
Enter WELCOMEBACK to unlock the 1999 Cleveland Browns.
Enter INTHEGAME to unlock the EA Sports team.
Enter HAMMERHEAD to unlock the Tiburon team.
Enter LONGLEGS to unlock the Long range special teams.