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LMA Manager 2002

The good:

This game can get addictive to management sim fans that like a challenge. It has a good stadium construction menu and has an in-depth youth system unique for every different club. Another thing i found good was the challenge mode which is great when you get bored with the main game.

The bad:

The things that dont do this game justice is the loading screens in between games, the lack of atmosphere due to the fact there is very little in-game music and the highlights commentry is by Alan Hansen........ALAN HANSEN?....WHASUP WIT DAT ?!?!?!


Overall one of the best management sims out there for a console but i can name at least three i prefer on PC.


a highly addictive game

The good:

The quality of youth is quite exceptional in this game, you wan't to win then you should go for youth, if you don't know any good youth players and go for the big names like Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos then you might be suprised at how crap they play.

The bad:

It is sometimes too easy to buy players if you are a big club, basicly because there is not really any loyalty between clubs and players. Sometimes results can be unrealistic, like in my second season I was Hearts and I beat Barcelona 4-0 at the Nou Camp


Some good players to buy for the futor:

S Camara
P Mexes
M Laundreau
S Frey
I Cassilas
M Kerr
T Bramble
P Cannavaro
J Defoe
J Cole
A Cole

some of these players with the right trainging will develop into superstars, but be patient because it will take a while. I say if you are going to buy this game then wait till the updated LMA Manager 2002 is released mid August.

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