LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GBA) Cheats

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for GBA.


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Unlock Codes
Enter the following codes at the Mos Eisley Cantina counter, under the '?' Codes option.
Carbonite Chamber08433
Death Star52577
Death Star 252583
Death Star Hanger80500
Death Star Subsector 151999
Emperor's Lair20876
Ewok Village31299
Millenium Falcon89910
Mos Eisely82434
Mos Eisley Cantina13197
Obi wan's House40214
Sensor Balcony61806
The Dark Cave50250
Trash Compactor11911
Unlock Bubble Blaster80873
Unlock Dancing Girl70546
Unlock Jedi Spirit75046
Unlock Sith Mode11340
View Final Movie01138
Wampa Cave42352
Yoda's Hut06881


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Extras Unlockables
Collect the required number of studs to unlock the following Extras, which you can then activate in-game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blue Lightsaber50000 studs
Bubble Blaster100000 studs
Cantina Music125000 studs
Classic LEGO colors200000 studs
Clown colors100000 studs
Dancing Girl joins Cantina300000 studs
Egg Blaster150000 studs
El Pollo Blaster125000 studs
Extra Vehicles750000 studs
Green Lightsaber60000 studs
Invincibility1000000 studs
Jabba's Baroque115000 studs
Turn into Jedi Spirit400000 studs
Monochrone Mode175000 studs
Red Lightsaber70000 studs
Become Silhouette300000 studs
Washed Out Mode175000 studs
Unlockable Free Play Characters
Meet the following level requirements, then unlock at the in-game store for the appropriate number of studs.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Boba FettCollect all cannisters in "Sarlacc Pit", then purchase for 175000 studs
Darth VaderCollect all cannisters in "Cloud City Rescue", then purchase for 35000 studs
Emperor PalpatineCollect all cannisters in "Emperor Fight", and then purchase for 75000 studs
Gamorrean GuardCollect all cannisters in "Jabba's Palace", then purchase for 5800 studs
Imperial Navy LieutenantCollect all cannisters in "Death Star Rescue", then purchase for 5300 studs
Imperial Navy TrooperCollect all cannisters in "Death Star Escape", then purchase for 3400 studs
K-3POCollect all cannisters in "Hoth Battle", then purchase for 630 studs
Lando CalrissianComplete "Cloud City Trap", then purchase for 4400 studs
MSE-6Collect all cannisters in "Cloud City Trap", then purchase for 100000 studs
Probe DroidUnlock "Extra Vehicles" (see "Extras Unlockables"), then purchase for 500 studs
Scout TrooperCollect all cannisters in "Endor Battle", then purchase for 6000 studs
Slave 1Unlock "Extra Vehicles" (see "Extras Unlockables"), then purchase for 50000 studs
SnowspeederComplete "Hoth Battle"
SnowtrooperCollect all cannisters in "Hoth Escape", then purchase for 3700 studs
StormtrooperCollect all cannisters in "Blockade Runner", then purchase for 300 studs
Tie FighterCollect all cannisters in "Trench Run", then purchase for 1000 studs
TIE Fighter PilotCollect all cannisters in "Death Star 2 Battle", then purchase for 7500 studs
Tusken RaiderCollect all cannisters in "Tatooine", then purchase for 200 studs
Vader TIE AdvancedCollect all cannisters in "Asteroid Chase", then purchase for 3000 studs
Wicket W. WarrickComplete "Endor Battle", then purchase for 4900 studs
YodaComplete the game, then purchase for 75000 studs
Baby RancorUnlock all other characters, then purchase for 200000 studs


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Unlockable: Boba Fett
You must collect all the cannisters in level "Sarlacc Pit" and then purchase them in store for 175000 studs.

Unlockable: Baby Rancor
You must unlock all the other characters and then buy him in the store for 200000 studs.

Unlockable: Darth Vader
You must collect cannisters in level "Cloud City Rescue" and then buy it in the store for 35000 studs.

Unlockable TIE Advanced
You must collect all the cannisters in "Asteroid Chase" and buy the thing for 3,000 studs.