Kid Icarus: Uprising Unlockables

Unlockable Non-Zodiac Chamber Powers
Here is a list of unlockable powers, how to unlock them, and when you can unlock them. If the How to Unlock has (Hades) or (Viridi) after it that means it is only unlocked after that Treasure Hunt is unlocked.
UnlockableHow to unlock
RandomAcquire 100 powers (Viridi)
Fortune's JukeboxObtain all Zodiac Chamber Items (Hades)
Eggplant AttackGet turned into an eggplant 5 times
Tempura AttackGet turned into a tempura 5 times (Viridi)
Instant Death AttackDefeat 3000 enemies (Viridi)
Trade-offDefeat 50 Bosses (Viridi)
WarpAchieve 30 Victories in Light vs. Dark (Hades)
Super SpeedClear chapters 30 times (Hades)