[edit] Background

Granny - babysitter extraordinaire - goes away on holiday, leaving you, her granddaughter, to look after things for her. You are not only in charge of Granny's house, but you also get to take care of the neighbour's babies - just like Granny does. Thankfully, Storky the friendly talking stork who lives on Granny's chimney, is here to help you. Storky will give you all the advice you need when taking care of babies, and will prepare you for the Council of Storks babysitting exams. With Storky's help and enough hard work, you can become a certified professional babysitter

[edit] Gameplay

In the game you must wash, dress, feed and amuse the babies while keeping up a steady house hold. You will be paid for your work through coins and tokens; The tokens can be used to buy diffrent clothes, house paint and house furniture. Coins are used to buy toys for the baby. To keep up a steady household your jobs will consist of: Vacuming, (if you don't vacume the babies will become sick and will have to be given cough syrup)Washing the dishes, Painting the walls, mowing the lawn and (if desired) growing vegetables, but remeber: if you grow vegetables then you can cook them and make them into baby food.

[edit] Features

Washing- You must use a face cloth, sbonge and lufah to clean the babies, but be gentle! because if the soap gets in the babies' eyes then you must use the rubber duck to stop him crying! Sleeping- You must Rock the baby in your arms and then put him/her in the cot and rock the cot untill his/her eyes are closed. Dressing- You can buy diffrent clothes for the babies you can buy: Undershirts, Underwear, Short sleeve tee-shirts, long sleeve tee-shirts, Baby pants, trousers, dresses, jackets, sleeping suits, slippers, shoes and socks! (be aware each baby has different taste in clothes and thier likes and dislikes can be acsessed from a page on the computer). Play time- You can buy rattles, Whirly-gigs, Voice boxes, a drum set and out-door toys and music for you'r drums and piano (Ella's father will give you the piano) Meal time- Take the food out of the fridge to feed the baby, blow on the food through the mic or just wait a little for it to cool down itself 9there is no time limit for feeding; take your time!) sometimes you must follow a path with your stylus and then feed the baby. In the kitchen is also where you prepare the vegtables you grow outside. Out door play- For playing out doors you must dress the baby sufficiantly! You can buy a swing, bowls, a bubble blower and a shape fitting toy. Look out though! some babies are very good at playing bowls! Growing Veggies- You can grow Zucchinis and Pumpkins, but look out! some babies don't like ceritan foods, and some babies only like the default food! (the default food never runs out) tap the moles away with your stylus because moles can eat your nice plump veggies! water your veggies everyday or they will become deseased and will have to be cut away! when your veggies are fully grow chop them away with your clippers to find them in your fridge! The stork- The stork may seem a little annoying at time but he will help! tap on the chimmney to call upon him, but the baby will normally tell you what it needs before the stork, the stork will tell you what to do if you leave it oo late! Postie- Postie will deliver the things you buy on the computer. But beware! if you have a baby asleep and postie delivers somthing it will wake the baby and he will have to be put to sleep again!

This game is also known as Imagine: Babies in Europe / Australia.

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