Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Tips

Hunter Location
To find this helicopter, first you need to be done with all the story missions.

Get to the Escobar International area. Once you are there, go to the Escobar International Airport Building, where all the people get plane tickets and all that.

If you see the sign "Escobar International" on the building than you are okay!

You do not go inside the building. Instead, go to the left of the building and you will see an entrance for it looks like cars - go there! You will see an airplane that says "Plummet".

Get all the way to the end of the runway and there you will see a plane that you can be able to drive, if you see it, go East of the plane and keep on going. Soon you will see a "Green, military, strong, fast" helicopter. It is not bulletproof but it is tough enough to withstand some gunfire.