Advance Wars review
GBA Strategy Perfection!

The good:

The cutscenes are incredible, the plot is fantastic, and it is one of the most original strategy games I have ever seen.

The bad:

The basic map sometimes looks a little plain, but only sometimes.


This has to be the most visually impressive strategy game on GBA, with picture perfect battle scenes, and very detailed CO's.

The sounds are of very good quality too, with some impressive tunes and meaty sound effects.

The storyline has to be the good part, though. It's almost like a soap opera! It involves romance, rivalry, cases of mistaken identity, and of course, lots of fighting.

The controls are very good, with all the menu's only a few button clicks away, making the game very easy to pick up and play. The basics are simple, but it takes time to fully master the controls.

Overall, the game is very impressive, with a real sense of originality, and each of the CO's are given a very distinct personality. Easy to play, diffficult to master, Advance Wars has to be one of the GBA's greatest games.

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