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Dec 31, 09 at 2:46amUb3r Shadow

Hi all, this is Nightmare speaking.

I've decided to re-allow the role play, but under very strict terms, like the general discussion.

I DO NOT want to see anything like the last role play, which turned to garbage five pages in.

Note :: You must sign up again. Please post your information from the last thread, if you have it. This means you MAY keep all your items, your rank, etc. If you are not able to remember or find your past information, then you must start from scratch, with nothing.

    :: RULES ::
Please follow ALL forum rules.


Please post at least one full sentence, relating to the current topic that is being discussed. This also includes useless posts, with single word and smiley abuse.

Do not, under any circumstances, flame anybody. This includes disrespecting, making fun of, putting down, or anything else like this. It is rude, unnecessary and just mean. Please take any dispute to the NeoPM system instead of continuing an argument in this thread.

Do not pose as a moderator, attempt to order people around, or claim authority to make decisions. This is not allowed in any way, and usually starts fights.


Each member has THREE strikes.


Strike 1 ::
Merely a warning, but I encourage you to all obey the rules, as I will be observing your activity more closely if you break this strike.
Strike 2 ::
If you manage to get to the second strike stage, you will receive a 2 day PPD restriction ban. Meaning that you will be unable to post more than a few times each day for two days.
Strike 3 ::
I'll be taking more serious action if you decide to break the rule three times. Expect a lengthy (likely 10-25 day) ban from the forum as a whole.


If I find that you are consistently not paying attention to the rules of the forum/role play, I WILL tack on extra days to your ban. I may also decide to add them based on the number of times you break the rules. Please try to keep all rule violating to a bare minimum. It's really not necessary.


Just a few role play specific rules ::

- Post a good amount of role play material each time you post.

Note :: You MUST post at least THREE sentences of role play when you post. Any less, and it is considered spamming the role play.

- If you are posting out of character, please put "OOC:" before the text that is not part of the actual role play.

- Please obey all of the rules of the forum when posting. Your post can and will be deleted if it breaks the rules, and you may be banned.


Note :: I will be adding to this as I see fit. If more problems arise, like in the last role play, then I WILL SHUT THIS DOWN FOREVER. Please do not make me go that far. I'd like for you all to have something you enjoy posting in.


Happy role playing everyone!

LEADERS: Ub3r Shadow / Kylermax

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Feb 24, 12 at 11:59pm


Sep 3, 11 at 2:37am
sonic da whoop

oh and side:depends who I'm against
and transformations:phantom 0 phanom 2 i need 2 chaos emeralds phantom 4 i need 4 phantom 6 perfect phantom and super phantom

Sep 3, 11 at 2:35am
sonic da whoop

can i join
character name:phantom the echidna
powers:chaos spear chaos control chaos soul steal shadow sphere water blob*makes me a blob of water*
items:shadow emerald a negative version of the master emerald
appearance:like a echidna version of mephiles

Aug 23, 11 at 4:44am

"Hmmm..." Vic sat and pondered to herself, counting her options on her hands. "Beating up dinos... being good guy... blowing up dinosaurs... good guy... Sorry, but I think I'm gonna have to go with dinosaurs here, Sonic." She gave him a grin. "Not like I get many chances for this."

Aug 19, 11 at 5:06am

Holy hell, are people seriously still posting on this?

Also, Vic got married a while back. She's also got twin girls. Her husband and the older twin aren't my characters, so I won't be posting for them.

I'll also start posting for my other character Shearra, since it might boost activity. Her being more or less a botched Shadow clone. It's much less mary-sue than it sounds, honest.

Jan 26, 11 at 1:38am

Is there anyone in this whole fourm?

Am I all alone?

Jan 22, 11 at 12:28am

Sorry I'm so late but can I join in? If so heres my description

Name,Red the Fox
Friends, Tails the fox (his father), Bull the dragon (on his team, Demon Rise), Diamond the Chimera (also on Demon Rise), and Sonic, and
Age,1,007 (Shadow killed himm, he turned into a demon, then was resurected so he could get revenge on shadow)
Likes,Reading, drawing, his friends, extrememgear racing, and the thing that drives him most... destroying Shadow and finding his sister
Dislikes,Shadow (he killed him)
Type of Animal,Five-tailed fox
Eye color,Red
Fur color,Red
Clothing,A black beanie, a black cloak with a cape,black gloves, and glasses
Chao, Sunny the Chao a brown female chao with yellow tips
Personality, Very outgoing, smart, laid back, he's kinda shy, very sneaky, and is driven to get his sister back (Shadow used a chaos control on her and then she dissapeared)
Class, Speed type
Side, Good side
Items, An extreme gear (if you dont know what that is, here
[spoiler=An Extreme Gear is what you ride in Sonic Air-Ride a sonic racing game][/spoiler], A wind emerald (it lets him control the wind), and the skull symbol on his head (it lets him use his demon powers on earth
Abilities, Martial arts, can control the wind, his black rings on his wrists (they let him use a much stronger much faster spin dash) and his demon powers( I havent thought them up yet so you guys can help me make them up as we go along)

Dec 1, 10 at 9:29pm

I had a look of dissapointment on my face, angered a bit that Flash didn't want to join. I sighed, turned to Victoria, and said, "Looks like Flash didn't want to join. Oh well." I sighed again, saying, "Victoria, can I trust you to stay here while I get the others?"

Nov 3, 10 at 6:05am

"I don't side with anyone. I can't stand being bossed around like a little lap dog" Flash said with a slight snarl. He then turned around and started to walk away from everyone, then quickly disappearing

Oct 21, 10 at 10:45am

Turning to Victoria and Flash, I said, "Well you two, it's your choice on who you'll side with. Maybe you would reconsider if you met the other members of my team." I then take out a Voaxi teleporter and teleport the three of us to the Sonic Team base. After we arrive, I say, "Well, this is the base. I'll round up the others. Wait here, OK?"

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