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Feb 11, 09 at 7:09pmSir FrozenPickle

I know there's a thread like Sephiroth vs. Angeal vs. Genesis vs. Vincent vs. Zack, but this is just Cloud vs Zack. Who do you think would win?

I'd say Zack, and these are my starting reasons (if we get healthy debate going I'll contribute more).

Zack is a SOLDIER First Class, he has that training. Cloud basically learned through experience, which can be helpful at times, but the actual military training is probably more useful.

Zack took down a whole armada of Shinra troops . . . yea yea Cloud "killed" Sephiroth, but, Sephiroth was not trying, merely playing with Cloud.

Lastly, Cloud is insecure and would figure that because Zack is the "mentor" he doesn't stand a chance.

So yea . . . any thoughts?

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Jan 21, 16 at 7:43am

Cloud would get owned by zack.... I'll prove... with science. Zack never faced Seph after he was all juiced up on mako (second time) and *gasp* s cells. The reason that it didn't cure him was the s cells already adapted to his body. Second, end of AC cloud would become much weaker seeing as geostigma was a direct result of the planet fighting against sephiroth. At the very end when aerith cures the geostigma thus proving all remnants of big s are gone (that means the all powerful s cells) . If we are throwing in master materia and clouds ultimate weapon and omnislash (both sidequest) then we must include the fact that zack literally took down a god and all the other awesome perks of 100% game completion. So cc zack right before his death (meaning he has the s cells) with post AC cloud (who no longer has the s cells) wouldn't stand a chance. To the guy who decided to use the level system of ffvii and the flashback sequence just put zack in a whole new league. If zack could kill a God at level one then just think about his level after slaying a thousand Shinra troops. Perspective a regular shinra Grenadier gives 24 exp in ffvii. That would mean that zack would at least be level 20 by the time he finished with his last stand....... 20 times stronger than the goddess of the plant. Anyone else want to measure zack feats? Even if you stripped him of a huge accomplishment and say it's not cannon but cloud getting master materia and blah blah... Zack would still be 20 times stronger than angeal and Genesis who could both hold their own against the likes of sephiroth and that is canon. And yes the final one on one battle was all in clouds mind soooooo just saying. Zack doesn't even break a sweat. Even if cloud somehow managed to never level up to beat sephiroth and he even solo'd the final fights let's compare states of Genesis Minerva and safer sephiroth and ultimate weapon just for the lol at who has the greatest feat

Safer sephiroth has 80000 hp, with an attack of 230, magic and defence at both 100

Ultimate weapon are 100000, 100 ,170, 120, and 100 respectively now if cloud did that solo'd as level one that would be impressive.

Now for zack fair

Genesis avatar has 600000 with an attack and magic of 57 and 48 hmm more hp than the 2 combined both less on the other stats

Minerva has an hp of of 10,000,000 yes ten million with 255 magic and attack..... but zack solo'd that at level one according to the cloud lovers...

Jul 1, 14 at 11:09am

please Delete the second post as my computer lagged out and it didnt post the first one until i posted the second one XD

Jul 1, 14 at 11:07am

Blaine Firstly...Use wikipedia before you come up with Bullshit answers..... Secondly Cloud used Zacks sword throughout FF7 as he thought he was Zack, He then used the sword as a gravemarker when the game ends as he knows that it should be used to mark the death of his friend. Thirdly WHat the Absolute *bleep* does hair have anything to do with The Victor of a Fight?
Your Post was amusing to read as you call these fine people idiots for merely stating the truth.... so i think it would be safe you never try and prove you are correct on a topic that everyone was talking about at the time Genius... Now go play Cod

Jul 1, 14 at 11:04am

Blaine..... your mind is as Clouded as Sephiroths Ideas on being the ruler of the planet..... Nowhere on the internet does it say "cloud Created the First Tsuguri" So clearly you know nothing.... Secondly Cloud used Zack's Buster sword for the Course of the FF7 game AND Thirdly.... This is a good one..... What has Hair got anything to do with Who would win in a fight idiot
Enjoy... :3 BTW Use wikipedia before you respond with more stupid answers Blaine

Mar 15, 14 at 5:33am

You bull shits,zack gave the buster sword to cloud but cloud left the buster sword where zack died.then cloud created his own sword called meteria sword right and about the has a better hair than zack you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 1, 14 at 10:55pm
Zack Fair

Zack Wins Hands Down :

1) He Beat 1000s Of Shinra Troops A Stronger Form Of Angeal And Genesis And He Killed A Goddess

2) 99999 Damage

3) 99999 Hit Points

4) Soldier Training

5) Strong Personality

6) Zack Have No Team...

7) In FF7 CC Zack Fought Shinra Troops With A Burden ... Im Looking At You Cloud.

8) Cloud Needed Stronger Weapons While Zack Stick To His Dreams And Honor .. The Buster Sword!!

9) AERITH !!! nuff said....

Dec 22, 13 at 6:55am

Cloud Is Gonna Win Cause Cloud Is The Real Main Character Of FF7,,,

and Cloud Has Omnislash That He Use To Defeat Sephiroth ~

Sep 18, 12 at 2:19pm

Zack would win because he's fought Genesis (twice), Angeal, and Sephiroth. Also, if Cloud would had said something after he woke up when Zack was walking way, Zack would have never died. Besides, then Zack would have never gave Cloud the Buster Sword until he returned to Aerith, maybe.

Sep 18, 12 at 11:55am

I think Zack would win because he defeated Genesis, Sephiroth, and Angeal. Also, if he didn't die, Cloud would never have recived the Buster Sword. So, Zack would win hands down.

Aug 7, 12 at 7:37am

quote Forseen Death
zack has a bunch of specials he has gotten from other people like genesis,angeal,cloud,sephiroth,aerith,etc.,monsters like ifrit,specials including if they got in a good fight he would start random summoning like crazy which also boosts his stats.we would not know who would win unless they fought but i vote zack fair
Exactly. But it would be funny to see Zack summons everyone he's battling, which would make them give him their powers, and then he kills them with those same powers. Just saying. Zack pwns man, its annoying with all these Cloud and Sephiroth fanboys saying they can't be beaten. *COUGHloversCough*

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