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“Readers beware: This game is not a folklore”


Gamers; Folklore was released on October 9, 2007 and I am playing it on July 16 of 2011, and I will admit this game is aggravating. This game should not be called folklore because it is not a game that I will tell to the future generations at all, and neither should you. The key elements such as story, music and graphics all looked great, but the main part of the game; the core part of this was terrible, and here is why.

You start out by playing as 2 characters in the beginning of the game, which are Ellen and Keats. I really liked Ellen and Keats, both were cool characters. They both ...


An original Video Game novel

The good:

  • Story
  • Presentation
  • Different points of view

    The bad:

  • Repetitive at times


    When I mention Folklore to your casual gamer, chances are they’ve never heard of it. With so many online FPS being pumped out these days, most RPGs fly under the radar. I decided to order it online after reading a few reviews and despite it being quite a short game; it was money very well spent. Don’t expect your traditional RPG. Folklore combines the elements of action, adventure, role playing, and graphic story telling in a way that you haven’t seen before. It’s hard to put it into a genre, but all you need to know is that it works well. Despite its few flaws, Folklore is a game that will...

  • 10

    The Meaning Of Existence

    The good:

    Music, environments, battle system, storyline, creature variety.

    The bad:

    Nothing, to be honest.


    This game is an absolute gem, and in my opinion, the best game PS3 has out at the moment.
    It's an action/adventure title, with some RPG elements.

    Let's start with the environments, they're friggin' GORGEOUS.
    Stage One, the Faery Realm, has some of the most vivid and beautiful colors one can imagine spread all throughout it, and even in the darker, more foresty parts, there are still bright dancing lights to keep your eyes pleased.
    Stage Two, Warcadia, is just that, a war-zone in every respect, with crumbling ruins and flame-bombs erupting in the background.
    Stage Three, the Undersea Realm, thoug...

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