[edit] Background

In Flower, the surrounding environment, most often pushed to the background in games, is pulled to the forefront and becomes the primary "character." The player fades from an external and stressful world in the opening of this fresh and genuine game only for PS3, and journeys through beautifully vivid landscapes, changing the his surroundings and exploring nature along the way.

[edit] Gameplay

Playing as the wind, the player guides and grows a swarm of pedals by interacting with other flowers and the surrounding environment. The goals and journey in each level vary, but all involve flight, exploration and interaction with the level. Using simple SIXAXIS wireless controls, the player guides the lead petal and accumulates a swarm of flower petals as he moves at his own pace within the environment, causing the on-screen world to change. Flower's gameplay offers different experiences, pacing and rhythm to all players. Along the way, the environment will pose challenges to the player’s progress.

[edit] Features

  • Simple Gameplay Controls - Accessible controls appeal to both the casual and hardcore gamer and offer simplistic and relaxing gaming. Freely playing as the wind is as easy as titling the SIXAXIS wireless controller.
  • Lush and Interactive Environment on PS3 - In Flower, over 200,000 blades of grass are simulated and animated simultaneously on-screen, creating an verdant environment not possible on any other platform.
  • Dynamically Adjusting Experience - Players with differing skill levels and/or moods can intuitively customize their game experience and enjoy the game at their own pace.

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