Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Tips

Kill Zalera in 50 min, I can do it in 2
This is the easiest way to kill Zaleara, in-fact when I tried it I didn't even have to use the controller well only to change my leader when she died… poor Ashe…

Set up your gambit like this

1 target all allies – raise (Keep as many alive as possible)
2 target all allies – faith (Must)
3 target all allies – shell (may stop those deaths)
4 target all allies – esuna (didn't even use it)
5 target all allies – haste (need all the speed u can get to buff and revive between death)
6 target enemy with lowest max hp – curaga (just in case bones pop out)

Start with using dispel to take away the reflect then a nihopalaoa + remedy to cast slow and blind. With faith my curagas does about 1500 at and with haste they were dishing out about 2 per second. Basically after my first full swings of curagas I forced him out of def mode and he didn't have time to summon those pesky Bones… and he started swinging deaths at me. I spent half the battle reviving, and with haste and all three characters buffing I have time to throw at least 1 curaga at him before another one dies but basically I killed him in 90 seconds, I still saw a 3 on the mins but not sure of the seconds.