Final Fantasy VII Tips

Easy way to beat Bizzaro Sephiroth
If you have high levelled characters, you will be asked to pick 2 groups at the start of the Bizzaro Sephiroth battle.
Put your strongest characters in the first group (which should include Cloud). Then give your strongest character the 2-Cut (or 4-Cut) materia.
Give your 2nd strongest character the Slash-all materia.
And the third character can be your healer (give them materia such as cure, barrier, and all defensive materia).

Now enter the battle. Get your healer to cast "barrier" on all characters.
Make your other characters use 2-Cut (or 4-Cut)And Slash-all, and continue to do this procedure until Bizzaro Sephiroth finally goes down.

If any of your characters loses HP, immediately heal them with one of your healer's abilities/materia.