[edit] Background

Prove you have what it takes in four on four gameplay action. Humiliate your opponents with over-the-top juggling moves and all-new gamebreakers that allow you to win a game like never before. Beat the best in the world by traveling to new International locations ranging from the famous Westway Leisure Centre in London to the beautiful beachside of Brazil. Take to the streets, unleash your tricks, and humble your rivals with or without the ball.

[edit] Gameplay

Your skill with the Trick-Stick will determine your survival as you compete against the very best the streets have to offer. Use the right analog stick to unleash a varied arsenal of tricks at your disposal to dominate with style and humble opponents with or without the ball.

Hit the streets and go one-on-one with the best Pro Players from all around the world, or even challenge the hottest up and coming talent from the streets. Grudge match situations will result in Beat Battle encounters that allow you to test your skills one-on-one with your opponents. Use the Trick-Stick to attack and counter -attack skill moves to steal the opponent's credibility and unravel his tricks.

Then really destroy the competition with the redesigned Gamebreaker Trauma finishing move. A specialised trick meter that you fill each time you show up your opponent with skills and once full charged unleashes the ultimate trick combos that could win you the match.

[edit] Features


Intimidate and disgrace your fiercest rivals by executing an onslaught of tricks including new juggling moves using the Trick-Stick.


One-on-one encounters result in Skills Battles where both the attacking and defending players use the Trick-Stick to counter-attack each other's tricks for bragging rights. Execute the humiliation moves and you enter the momentum state trick multiplier, allowing you to rain down tricks on your opponent.


Fill your Skills meter by obliterating the opposition with tricks, then demoralize your victims with awe-inspiring special moves during Gamebreaker or use the power of the multiplier trick state to inflict permanent trauma on your rivals and win the match outright.


The game features more than 320 pro stars representing 20 national teams, and showcases two dozen superstars with their own signature moves. Plus there is a deeper selection of street masters that reflect the culture and style of soccer from their respective regions of the world.


Build and customize your home turf from the ground up. Add your own flair by choosing from hundreds of different options and even morph the pitch surface controlling the texture and effects with an intuitive control system. The all-new Pitch Creator allows you to define your personal playground.


Create your own player and teams to form the ultimate squad. Express yourself with more than 1,000 customizable assets including hairstyles, shoes, and accessories.


Progress through the ranks of street football elite and master new trick moves as you take part in the ultimate underground street tournament. Customize the abilities of your players by mastering new trick moves and stealing players from the opposition along the way, or team up with a friend in Co-op mode.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Windows 2000
   * 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent (Athlon/Duron/Celeron)
* 256 Megabytes of RAM (512 MB recommended)
* DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 32 MB video card or equivalent
* 420.39 MB free hard disk space
* DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
* MS compatible mouse
* Keyboard
* Please note that 16 bit color is not supported

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Feb 28, 2006 (DS)
    • Q1 2006 (PC)
  • Japan: Aug 13, 2006
  • Europe:
    • Mar 30, 2006 (PC)
    • Mar 3, 2006 (DS)
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