Devil's Third is the next big thing from legendary game designer Tomonobu Itagaki, the man behind the Dead or Alive fighting game franchise as well as the first two Ninja Gaiden titles released in the 2000's. Now that the man has left his home for years in Tecmo to work with a studio named Valhalla Game Studios, a team of old Team Ninja developers, he's working on something of a pet project. That game is the Wii U exclusive Devil's Third.

What is Devil's Third? That's a bit difficult to describe, which anyone who knows Itagaki should understand. It's a mix of third-person hack and slash and first-person shooting. Gameplay up until now has shown highly customized soldiers teaming up and fighting to control various objectives -- mostly food.

Also shown was a surprising amount of customization. First, players were able to customize the map or base on which the multiplayer match took place. This included buying buildings or various obstacles for enemies to fight through. Players could place these items into various sections of the map. Character customization was also robust, with players able to purchase masks or cover their character model in tattoos. Weapon purchases and other sorts of gameplay-focused customization were also shown. Killstreaks, anyone?

Devil's Third was originally planned to be published by THQ on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but after THQ's bankruptcy ownership went back to developer Valhalla. Since then the studio made a publishing deal with Nintendo to make the game as a Wii U exclusive. It's plaanned for release in 2015.

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