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Titled "Dark Chronicle" in Japan.

Added on: July 10, 2002

[edit] Background

Sony continues its world-building RPG series in a striking cel-shaded style, complete with the two playable characters - Yuris, a young man who looks similar to Toan; and Monica, a red haired girl that will accompany Yuris on his adventures. Dark Chronicle is set 100 years after Dark Cloud, but still features the same 'georama' system, which is a structure that allows players to build elements of the game's town environments, and many other of the original's gameplay mechanics.

[edit] Features

  • Innovative new gameplay mechanic, GEORAMA(TM) challenges you to build a customized world then interact within it in real-time.
  • Stunning graphics with real-time weather and day/time display. Everything in the environment will change, depending on the time of day.
  • Detailed weapons system with the ability to change and increase weapon strength and damage.
  • Deeply involving and absorbing storylines combine a number of old Japanese-style fairytales and myths.
  • Hundreds of items to choose from including magic, spells, weapons, treasure, GEORAMA(TM) pieces, allies, vehicles, keys, and more.
  • 50+ hours of the most engaging gameplay ever undertaken in an action role-playing adventure and more than 60 minutes of magnificent cinematic movies expose you to elements of magic, action-adventure, strategy, and real-time combat of unparalleled depth.

This game is also known as Dark Chronicle in Japan / Europe.

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Grade Zero
May 30, 15 10:48am
Love the game, helps to understand the first in the series, but don't play before the first game. Can't wait till the 3 dark cloud DarkCloud2
Jan 25, 12 10:02am
trying to remember how to do stuff in balance valley DarkCloud2
Aug 18, 09 10:40pm
added 43 new concept art
Jun 29, 09 1:24pm
So much more fun but is a little dull when there is no big jenie shoting plasma rays out of his belly button. :) DarkCloud2
May 27, 09 12:49pm
Haven't played enough of yet to comment... DarkCloud2
May 27, 09 2:12am
maxed out all super weapons for max DarkCloud2
Feb 17, 09 9:59pm
(5/5) * I highly recommend to PS2 gamers. DarkCloud2
Feb 1, 09 8:27am
Got this for my grandmother\\\\\\\\ DarkCloud2
Nightmare Cupcake
Jan 12, 09 12:22pm
More people need to play this game. o_O DarkCloud2
Jul 17, 08 9:56am
LOVE A LOT! DarkCloud2
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  • Australia: Sep 12, 2003
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