Cool Boarders 4 Cheats

Cool Boarders 4 cheats, and Codes for PSX.

Older Cheats:

Cool Boarders 4 Cheats

Bonus Characters
Complete the given task to play as the corresponding bonus character:

Play as...Task
A BearBreak every Record in France & Complete the Special Event
A SnowmanBreak every Record in Japan & Complete the Special Event
Fast EddieComplete Rookie on trickmaster
Mystery CharacterComplete the Colorado Tournament with Jimmy Hallop

Various Cheats
Enter any of the following as a name for the corresponding effect. If done correctly, the phrase "Hey, no cheating" will be spoken.

All Boards, Boarders, & MountainsICHEAT
All Special EventsIMSPECIAL
Hidden MountainsNEWHILL

Control Replay
Hold R1 or R2 and press Down to stop a replay. Hold R1 or R2 and press Left for slow-motion. Hold R1 or R2 and press Right to display the replay quicker.


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to get new player
play as da old man on the easy course then when u ar about to hit the finish line hit pause and hit triangle square and the back 4 then go to the character select and it will be theere
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