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Blasto review

The good:

Blasto (I nickname him "fat batman") is a hero that is strong enough to take down Bosc and his evil minions!

The bad:

Bosc is a little evil midget alien that goes out and shows off that he can rule the world and Uranus.


The hero kinda like batman except that he has a blaster and no cape, is trying to stop Bosc from taking over the world plus Uranus. Bosc and his minions are really powerful to accomplish their goal. After Bosc gives his crappy speech, Blasto is in his spaceship and then the space commander comes up and gives the news, Bosc is back from the 5th Dimension. Blasto is off on the Uranus spaceport fighting Bosc's minions and saving babes. After he does that he is on the Planet Uranus. He explores it little bit, until he is completely surrounded by bad guys. There we about 180 total. Blasto then does his job killing them and saving babes. He has to go back twice at some point then goes in a sewer. After he gets out of the long sewer (which was a requirement to hold your breath) he then breaks into Bosc's Fortress. Face's a lot of aliens at some palace. After that he is now ready to face Bosc. In a giant robot suit, Bosc tries to crush Blasto with his robot foot or hand it's either one of the other. When Blasto defeats him, Bosc is in a pool of lava. He begs to Blasto to spare his life. Blasto then runs and Bosc is setting the self destruct sequence (stupid of him) and Blasto escapes in time. He then tells the space commander his mission is complete.

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