Aqua Aqua Code Breaker Codes

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Master Code Aqua Aqua (PS2) North America Master

The master code for Aqua Aqua is

9AA853DC 187DF9B5

Access Story Puzzle (PS2) North America

Add this code to access story puzzle mode

2AAF3CDD 00000000

Quick Score Gain (PS2) North America

To have quick scoring add this code

2A74CCE3 3405270F

Infinite Time (PS2) North America

Here is the codebreaker code for Infinite Time for Aqua Aqua.

2A073D1B 00000000

Water Drain Meter Never Fills (PS2) North America

To stop the water meter from ending your game add this code for aqua aqua

2A58CCC6 00000000
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