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Troy review
Troy another Hollywood spectacular

The good:

great scenes nice effects and some acting talent.

The bad:

no relationship to any of Homer's books strays so far away from greek mythology that it surprised me although i am supposed to know the story.


Heros are not made to have happy endings in greek mythology anyone who read any of Homers fantastic poems knows that, in a battle between gods and men, men usually emerge the losers in some way or another, a feature the movie chose to miss entirely.

I thought the screenplay was greatly changed to fit a hollywood happy ending. showing Achillies as a hero with no flaw is a very big mistake in my opinion , Agamemnon's end was completely improvised so was Menolaus'. in general Troy really took out the life from greek mythology. if you are into happy endings and Hero's go see it .. if you are the least bit interested in what Homer had to say, go read the book.

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