: : : The Trumpet of the Swan
===Story=== Jason Alexander's vocal performance as the hambone father of Louie, a mute trumpet swan, is quite simply the most entertaining element of ''Trumpet of the Swan'', an animated version of E.B. White's children's novel. Given to long-winded speeches and flamboyant displays (Alexander's extended "death scene" after his character is knicked on the wing is a hoot), the former George Costanza's hot-air waterfowl partially salvages this oddly unmoving family feature. The story concerns the silent Louie (his thoughts are spoken by actor Jeffrey Schoeny), who suffers the ridicule of other swans but communicates a depth of feeling by playing a brass horn. The restless script has difficulty developing a coherent emotional rise; director Richard Rich (''The Swan Princess'') would have done well to cut back on the number of discrete episodes that rush by with dizzying, graceless speed. Joe Mantegna signs on as the voice of a big-city scoundrel who signs Louie to an exploitative music contract, while Mary Steenburgen plays Louie's mother, and Reese Witherspoon speaks for the hero's true love. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Animated *Dolby


Jason AlexanderFather
Mary SteenburgenMother
Reese WitherspoonSerena
Seth GreenBoyd
Carol BurnettMrs. Hammerbotham
Joe MantegnaMonty
Sam GifaldiSam Beaver
Dee Bradley BakerLouie
Melissa DisneyBillie
Kath SoucieSerena
Elizabeth DailyElla
Pamela AdlonA.G. Skinner
Steve VinovichMaurice
Gary Anthony WilliamsSweets
Corey BurtonSenator
Michael WinslowChief

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