The Avengers User ReviewsMovie


A movie true to the Avengers and a blast to watch!

The good:

The cast is great with plenty of stars in it.
SFX, 3D and SFX are all fantastic and true to the Marvel standards.
The ending is cool and not predictable.

The bad:

Very few dull moments.
Plot may seem to have lost at times when the focus is on other things.


The Avengers (Also known as- Avengers Assemble) the Feature Film...

Hello, I'm Darsh, and this is an unbiased and spoiler-free review of The Avengers movie review.First of all, this movie is rated UA/PG-13 for sci-fi violence, mild drug reference & action throughout the film, and falls into the action, super-hero, sci-fi & adventure genre.This movie is from Marvel Studios & is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Thor's brother, Loki has entered the Earth because of a strange radiation from the Tesseract (a powerful energy source of unknown potential) that caused a Portal to open. He invades ...