: : : South Park - The Complete Sixth Season

South Park - The Complete Sixth Season

===Story=== The kids of ''South Park'' are back! Relive all seventeen episodes of the sixth season with this 3 disc DVD box set. In this season, Professor Chaos returns, Stan meets himself in the future, Cartman makes an appearance on daytime television, and Bebe's newfound womanhood tries to destroy society. America's favorite gerbil, Lemmiwinks, is introduced as well. For everybody in South Park, this is all just part of growing up. ===DVD Features=== *Commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone


Trey ParkerStan Marsh/Eric Cartman
Matt StoneKyle Broflovski/Butters
Mona MarshallLinda Stotch
Eliza SchneiderMayor McDaniels
Isaac HayesChef
Eli HarrisIke Broflovski
Jessica MakinsonVanity
Jack ShihIke Broflovski
Adrien BeardToken Black
Vernon ChatmanTowelie
Jennifer HowellBebe Stevens
John 'Nancy' HansenMr. Slave

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