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Scary movie

The good:

Funny as hell
Uses other scary movies to make jokes
Stoned black dude

The bad:

Gets a bit tedious form time to time


If you like scary movies then you will love this, most of it is based around the movie SCREAM, and other movie, using classical jokes that would leave the movie makers miserable, this is truly a well made film.

Story:Using the whole plot of the mass murderer using it to their advantage, in jokes and lines such as "call i tell you a secret...i see dead people" "man that's some good shit". The jokes are planned out well as well, easy to understand and very funny at the same time with lines such as "What were you last words to the victim" "RUN BITCH RUUUUNNNNNN". But at times it get a bit tedio...


Not a bad movie


Scary Movie gives a well-deserved skewering of the teen slasher flicks that began with Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. It also touches upon The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, The Blair Witch Project, Shakespeare In Love, and countless other movie and commercials. However, the plot and characters of Scary Movie resembles mainly that of Scream, complete with a similar group of friends and a white-masked, black-robed serial killer. The title really does the film no justice. There is nothing scary about Scary Movie. The characters are too dumb to strike any fear.

The W...