: : : Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World

Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World

===Story=== Pocahontas is distraught with sadness when news of John Smith's death reaches her. To try and deal with this she sets off to Britain with John Rolfe in hopes of meeting with the King of England. She hopes to restore peace and respect between the 2 great lands. Governor Ratcliffe however, still wants to return to Jamestown and one day take over. He stops at nothing to discredit the Princess, and tries to prove that she really is just a savage.


Irene BedardPocahontas
Judy KuhnPocahontas (singing voice)
Billy ZaneJohn Rolfe
Donal GibsonJohn Smith
Linda HuntGrandmother Willow
Jim CummingsKing James
David Ogden StiersRatcliffe
Russell MeansPowhatan
Jean StapletonMrs. Jenkins
Jeff BennettAdditional voices
Finola HughesAdditional voices
Bob BergenAdditional voices
Mark S. BrienAdditional voices
Rodger BumpassAdditional voices
Amick ByramAdditional voices

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