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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • By Eurocom for PC, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GC

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Xbox) Cheats

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Bertie Botts Beans
If you hit a pitcher-type thing and it gives you beans, walk around the nearest corner && a few steps, go back and the beans will be replenished. Repeat until you don't have anymore room for beans.
Get 100 bean capacity
Get 100 bean capacity
Go to the second floor in the grand staircase and cut the tapestrire and go inside. Use Skurge or Incendio on the treasure chest and you will get the 100 bean capacity.


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. : :Mr. Mullpepper's Apothecary : : .
When you enter the store, on your left there will be a series of book cases...at the top of them are some vases. If you use Flipendo on the vases, then they will fall and reveal chocolate frogs which you can collect. however, make sure the vases dont fall on you or else you will lose some beans
The Whomping Willow
When battling the Whomping Willow to save Ron, yuor best bet is to stay as far from the branches as you can. When the branche has the green light hit it and then the eye of the tree. Once only one more hit will finish it watch out for the boulders the left branch throws. Move out of their way and wait for the green light and the eye. You've saved Ron!
Win Broomstick
On the second day of school it tells you to go to the Quidditch practice, so go there. Now. Complete the training and get a B or higher, and the captain guy gives you a free Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick! You can fly anywhere around the school, only in day-light. You can't land anywhere except where you took off from. (Note: You can't fly in the school!)