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Driver 2 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Driver 2 cheat codes.

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Driver 2 Cheats

Unlock all
Complete the game to unlock all cheats and two new tracks. Cheats should be accessible from the Main Menu under "Gameplay -> Secrets".
submitted by anonymous

Unlock All Cars and Levels
When you beat the game, wait for the system to load back to the main menu. While it is loading, hold L1+L2+O+Square.
submitted by anonymous and clarified by Paul_420

Cheats menu with all cheats on it
From the Main Menu press the following sequence 10 times: 0+L1+R2+triangle+L1+square. Now press L1, go to chicago and press R1+R2 together then the cheats menu with every single cheat on the game will appear.
submitted by Stony Cold Steve Austin

Hidden areas and secrets can be unlocked by locating the proper switches or cars. Outside special buildings are switches which, once activated, unlocks a secret area and displays a message to let you know what you've just triggered. Below is an incomplete list of some areas to try and unlock:

Level Secret Location of switch/car
Chicago Black and Yellow Buick -----------
Baseball Stadium Ticket office
Havana Mini car Garage
Army Base Hidden Switch
Vegas Custom Pick-up Garage
Construction Site Jump Into it.
Invincible Drug Store
Rio Truck Docks
Race Track -----------
Immunity Police Station
Race Track (1 or 2 player race) -----------
Mountain Pass (1 or 2 player race) -----------

Try unlocking secret games the same way. When a secret game is unlocked, it becomes available from the Main Menu.

secret area, Vegas
When playing in Vegas on the bank job mission, note the starting point on the map. Exit, take a ride and drive to roughly that same starting point. A sign says detour to an alley leading south where you will find a ramp in wich u jump to find a secret area.
submitted by j roc oner

Secret car in Chicago
Get into the baseball stadium, get out of your car and walk up the ramp to the left as you enter the stadium. Follow the path at the top to the car.
submitted by Jacob Bise

Rio Race track
In Rio, there is a circle of road with no other roads leading to it. Find the main gate on the left side of the circle. Walk directly across the street from it and follow the sidewalk to the right. The switch to open the gate is only a short walk away. Open it and drive in. You can not go all the way around the track in "Take a Drive". Exit and go back to the Main Menu. Under Options, then gameplay, there should be a Secrets menu. Select it and the race track should be listed.
submitted by Jacob Bise

Schoolbus Speeding
When you are in a school bus you can go as fast as you want without getting pulled over.
submitted by aunoumis

Get all weapons
Complete the game 10 times on hard and then press and hold 0+L2+L1+R2+x.
submitted by jimmy

Strip club
In Vegas, go to the airport outside the main entrance. There will be a guard standing at the doors, go to him and press triangle and he will supply you with a key. This key will unlock the door at the back of the airport where a few srippers will await you. (the guard is not always there).
submitted by Steve Adams (

Get the yellow and black cab
You can get the yellow and black cab in chicago, in the baseball ground at wrigleyville. You find the gate of the baseball ground and at the opposite corner there should be a section with the word TICKETS above it. Go there and press triangle. The game should tell you that you've unlocked a secret area. Now go up the steps and the black and yellow cabs are there.
submitted by Wesley

Avoid Being Caught by Cops
When you're being chased by the cops, make sure that they've got high Damage (if you have high damage too, you can still do this), then make sure that they're not too far behind you. Now, reverse into a wall/lamp post/tree/(anything!). They should hit your front and your damage will go up to the top and the cops will then say "we've lost him" and then you can get out of your car.
submitted by Mehmet (

Escaping police
Requirements: A quantity of skill. When being chased drive on the wrong side of the road weaving between the on-coming traffic. The closer you get to said traffic the more likely it is that the police cars will hit it. Also when approaching a police car from behind hit it as soon as it makes a move to the left or the right, this willl cause it to spin and more often than not leave it facing the wrong direction.
submitted by bob.tovey with a dedication "this ones for u chris" in the email.

Lose the cops in Chicago
When you are driving around like a mad man, then the cops come straight after you! When in chicago, just drive straight into a parking lot and you'll see that the cops can't follow you. Drive around to the other entrance to get out and then they say "we lost him!"
submitted by Harry Hudson

Leave cops behind on the Interstate
When you are being chased on the interstate, go by a light pole and the cops might hit the pole if your lucky.
submitted by Alex

Dining Chairs in Chicago
When your in chicago get out of the car and walk up to the back of a dining chair then press triangle and to sit down. Not a cheat but something whacky to do.
submitted by Alex

Unlock Invincibility Cheat
Go to Take a Ride in Las Vegas - get on the main strip and head south. About 200 yards after you cross over Tropicana Rd you will see a white building with red trim and sign that says DOLLAR SLOTS. At the front of the building is a chemist with two signs that say 99c and 25c, go to the one on the left (25c) walk up to it and press triangle and you should get the message saying you have unlocked a secret. To activate the secret go back to the main menu, options, gameplay, secrets and click on the secret and turn it on.

You will still get hit by police cars but you will not be damaged and they will.

p.s. remember to save your settings when you have the secret so you can activate it at any time.
submitted by Simon K

Unlock 5th City (London)
In Rio drive to the cococapabuana beach and find the man dressed in black there (the man is not always there). Next to him is a switch. Push it and quickly run to your car and drive away - he will give chase. Lose him and you will find you have two plane tickets to London, Jericho's home town. Go to the secrets menu and you should find London there.
submitted by Pedro

Police car ride
If you find a parked police car on the side of the road (mostly in Havanna) you can go in it. Note that once you step in the police car your felony will go up.
submitted by Tanner

Boosters for cars
Pause in Rio and press R1 (x2), R2 (x4), O, triangle (x2), X. Now exit and go to options, then gameplay and finally go to secret, click on boosters and turn them on. Go back to Rio, pick a car and now have boosters, which are activated with the select button.
submitted by john q. adams

Secret area in Havana
First go to take a ride. When you start, go to the tunnel at the western end of the city. Go through the tunnel and then turn right at the first street you see. When you see a gate, there should be switch next to some trees.
submitted by bob

Fling Tanner
Pick Chicago and as soon as it starts go straight until you see a bridge. Keep accelerating and when you're in the air press triangle and up. Tanner will fly out and land but the car will land funny.
submitted by Michael Ryan


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Bridge Jump in Chicago
Just something fun to do. In Chicago: Take a Ride, wait a few seconds and then hammer the accelerator. Keep going straight ahead and you will soon reach an ascending bridge. Take a jump and if you're being chased you can watch the cops fly over as well.
Stop Limo qucker
All you got to do is just block the limo and it will come to stop.note:used in cain's cash misson.
walk in crowd in the wrigleyville stadium
first go to the door that says tickets press triangle then walk to the open gate. walk up the ramp and at the top there is two walls next to the ramp at the top an it is a glitch that lets you walk in the crowd if u want out find the top of the ramp


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abuse the player in chigago
go to the baseball stadium and find the ticket booth and open the gates. walk on the crowd. when you go far enough you'll fall through the crowd and drown.
Another out of bounds area bug (Chicago)
Near to the little amusement park, next to the intersection, there's another bug that lets u go into an out of game bounds area. When you see the wall that looks like that one in gold coast, aim south-west and go ahead. You'll get stuck and I haven't found the exit yet.
Floatin' on the river
First go to a moving bridge and get a car and drive to the right wall. Then walk into the wall. You will get stuck. Move backwards but not to much. You will get stuck again and here funny noises of invisible cars go by. Then restart the game. (I don't mean reset the PS1!) Then go exactly back to Chicago with the same car and there will be NOBODY will be in the city...anywhere! The only cars are parked and have lonely people inside them, so steal the car and frighten them off!
Note: This might not work!
Strange characters
When in Rio Racetrack, as soon as it starts, reverse a little,then turn right and go ahead until u see the gate. Press Select for better view and touch the nose of the car on the wall and wait a little. You'll see blue and green people walking on the road.


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2 Bugs
The secret car is on the far left of Havana, in a walled off area on that turny road. The whole thing outside of that walled off place is grass, hills, and trees. Get out of your car and walk towards the corner wall where the highway wall meets the ocean wall. You will be able to see inside of the tunnel! There won't be a corner exactly, you'll get close enough to see the tunnel through the water.

In the neighborhood that you start out in Havana, north of the starting point, there is a block that has a road going through it, the cutting it into two smaller blocks. The north one is green, and the south one is regular colored. Go on the road bordering the north end of the green (which is a park.) There will be an alley on the left. Enter this alley. There is a sandhill here. Floor it and go over the middle of the sandhill. Get out of your car while you're in the air, and your car will go all the way to the buildings you would've run into, since the alley isn't exactly straight. Before your car hits the building, some parts of the ground near it will turn black, and your car will fall. It will never come back, either.

I tried doing this a second time in one Take A Ride, but it never worked. It has a capacity of one car before this invisible hole closes up.
Caine's Compound
If your stuck at Caines compound and have know idea where to go listen to this. If you have been trying really hard you would of made it to a unmarked Cop car. To the right of that will be a Road block. turn left and go straght until about the second set of lights. turn right. You will be stopped but there will be an open passage follow this and you will have to weave through stuff but you will make it
Car Crash Survival
If when you crash you have triange and up held down then it will come up with "You have wrecked your car" but if you press triangle and up again you will get out the car!!
car in chicago
you can get a yelow sport car in chicago by going to the stadium in north and buy a tiket from the oter side of the gate. Now go back and go inside. Get out of the car and walk up in the stadium keep going and go right from there keep going and when you get down beside the corner you will see the yelow sport car.
Can't get the cops off your tail? Simple! Find a place to come to a complete stop and get out of your vehicle. They absolutely cannot harm you if you're on foot. Run away somewhere until the sirens stop. Steal another car and you're off!
Gameshark cheats
Unlock all cheats and cyties d01c1308 f809 801c130c 0000
Glitch on larger vehicles
When you see a larger vehicle (i.e.Fire truck,van,shool bus,tour bus) coming down a large slope or coming up, while on foot run right in to the front of it and hit the triangle it will put you in the car. You can combine this with the pressing triangle in mid air while the car flys if a larger vehicle was right next to you when you jumped out you can quicly press triangle again and jump in it kinda interesting.
Gold Coast Bug: The Exit
I read about a bug in Yergin's FAQ that happened in Gold Coast in Chicago. Look at his FAQ for the details of this bug, where one part of the wall isn't solid.

I don't think anyone knows how to exit this out of bounds area. You can't go back through the same part of the wall, so you're stuck. I've found a part that you can get back onto the road. While you're out of bounds, go north along the wall that let you go out of bounds. Keep going, past that green highway sign where the onramp starts. Go against the onramp wall as you're still going forward. Soon, when the hole under the onramp is about as big as you, you'll go on top of the onramp automatically, which is back in game bounds! You have to be almost facing the wall so you're against it enough to be taken up to the onramp.

I don't know if anyone else knows about this. It seems like very few people know about it.
Jump 65m
This is a Very Hard Trick and you'll find it on the cheat menu anyway Goto Havana And then to the Tunnel and go to that Palace Then You Must go up! And then when you're Then Just go in a high speed!!! Very Hard then Press R2+R2 And stil press X And Then When it haves Jump Over those little houses then Hold R2+R2+R1 And you'll be in a fast speed i don't know if you have the time to hold them anyway you will get it as a secret weird Ha?
Pop A wheelie in Havanna
To do this, you must first unlock the Mini Cooper or "Mini". After you do that, go to "Take a ride" in the menu. The Mini should be a selection. Choose it. Drive around and find a wall. Drive head on into it at full speed. When you hit the wall keep the acellerator pushed down. If done correctly,(after hitting the wall) the nose of the car should shoot up in the air and your car should go into awheelie and drive down the road. The harder you hit, the longer you will wheelie. The max I have got so far is 5 seconds.
Sit on a chair!
First, Take a Ride and go in chicago. Then, turn back at the start then find somewhere that has seats. When you find a seat, get out of your car. If they are people sitting in the chairs, scare them off. Then, go to the SIDE of a seat and press triangle, now you are sitting in a chair!

Tip: If you want to get a better view, use the camra rotater buttons (L1 and R1).

Tip 2: Do not press triangle at the back of the seat, otherwise, your character might go far and sit on nothing.
Solid Water
Many people know about the ferry in Havana, right off the coast. That little road that ends at a boat, and it is part of the mission after Find the Clue. Well, I'll stop with the blah blah.

There is an easy way to go in the water. Right on that ramp going onto the ferry, go perpendicular to the road, and aim for the water. You'll float and the water will act like land. If you stay very close to that barrier, all of that strip of "water" will be solid as long as that barrier wall is next to it. Be careful, because that's the only solid water by the ferry. You can't go along that barrier wall that is along the highway.

This is a pretty cool glitch, but remember, don't fall into the un-solid water!
Unlocking all cheats
If you want all cheats in this game then i suggest you complete it and then you will have all cheats in the secret section which will have all the game cheats and secret games too. Also when you play the last level the chopper will follow the same route everytime you restart because it always end up where the road has a dead end.